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The Breaking Point

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The Breaking Point

Joe Toye addresses the videographer in a gravelly voice as the film rolls. "How do I feel about being rescued by Patton?" he repeats. "I'd feel pretty peachy about it if it wasn't for one thing: we didn't need to be fucking rescued by Patton. Got that?" Winters smiles and greets Toye, pulling him aside for a conference. Toye immediately apologizes for his Patton remark, but Winters waves it aside, since he feels exactly the same way. He's more curious about why Toye is there. "I want to head back to the line, sir," he says. Winters insists he doesn't have to, and tries to shuttle the soldier off to an aid station. "I'd really like to head back with the fellas, sir," Toye repeats firmly, removing his helmet so he can slide his sling off and cast it aside. Winters is impressed and grants Toye permission to rejoin the line. He looks so proud of his soldier.

"Joe Toye had been at the aid station for three days," Donnie narrates. "Everybody was glad to have him back, especially [Gonorrhea]." We see the gonorrhific guy warmly greeting his friend. "Had to make sure you're on top of things," Toye postures. Gonorrhea grins and plays along. "Tied me own boots last week, all by meself," he jokes, unfortunately sounding incredibly forced with the childish pronoun manipulations. I choose to believe it's because the actor cherishes grammar. The rest of the group is equally pleased to see Toye. "Where'd you get hit?" asks one young private. "What's that?" Toye asks Skip, pointing at Webb. Ha! We learn it's Webb, a replacement. "Thought it was some guy I've known for two years but forgot his face!" laughs a relieved Toye.

Skip decides to take us all on a nostalgic tour through the men of Easy Company and the weaponry that felled them, kind of like a Sally Jessy theme but without the freaks. Joe got an arm wound on New Year's Eve, courtesy of the Luftwaffe. James Alley "landed on broken glass in Normandy and got peppered by a potato-masher in Holland," Skip explains. Heh. What if it really had been a screaming German who assaulted Toye with one of those manual potato-mashing utensils? Not as effective, maybe, but at least it's a novel approach to combat. They don't show Alley -- unfortunately, since I have no idea what he looks like and would've welcomed the chance to know him. Moving on, we're reminded that Bull Randleman took a piece of an exploding tank in Holland, Liebgott got "pinked" in the neck there, and Popeye Wynn took a butt bullet in Normandy. Interestingly, Luz hasn't ever been hit. "Lucky bastard," Skip grins. "Takes one to know one," Luz notes. The Jinx Fairy dumps out her pack of smokes and spells, "Boo-ya!" on the rug. Buck Compton's butt bullet hit him in Holland; playfully, Buck bends over and points to his bum and ahhhhhh, shake the booty, baby. Someone else notes the tradition of ass wounds within Easy. "Even [Donnie] over there got a couple pieces of a tank shell burst in Carentan," Skip notes. "One chunk in the face, [and] another chunk almost took out his nuts." Donnie snickers, leaning against a tree while eating his dinner. Gonorrhea regards him with interest. "Yeah, how are those nuts, Sarge?" he asks. "Doing fine...Nice of you to ask," Donnie says calmly, but with a slight mirthful quaver.

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Band of Brothers




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