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The Last Patrol

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The Last Patrol

We're coming off the series's most harrowing episode, in which Easy Company lost a horde of familiar faces; simultaneously, Morale got its ass kicked in a barfight after offering the Grim Reaper's girlfriend fifty bucks for a butt massage. Hoobler shot a German scout on horseback, pocketed the man's Luger, and then accidentally shot himself in the leg with it. He died of the wounds. Apparently, you can die of a gunshot wound to the thigh if the bullet pierces the right (or wrong) artery, but conversely, you can have your entire lower leg blown off and still live to use a prosthetic. Biology 1, Logic 0. After Winters's promotion, Easy got saddled with a lackluster leader named Lt. Dike -- a favorite of the higher-ups who had no business leading men in battle, but who needed the experience to climb the ladder. Dike fell apart during a mission, and Winters picked Lt. Speirs from Dog Company to relieve him. Toye and Gonorrhea lost a leg each, Skip Muck and Alex Penkala Jr. died in their foxholes when a shell hit them, and stress cracked Buck Compton, who left the front lines. Donnie learned that Winters recommended him for a battlefield commission, which would vault him from 1st Sergeant and NCO status straight to Lieutenant, and as such, a platoon leader.

Damn, a lot of shit's gone down.

Veteranabananarama. One kindly old man reiterates for us that Easy lost some very good men while defending Bastogne and Foy. He mentions Toye, Gonorrhea, and Smokey Gordon in particular. "I don't know the exact amount of men that got killed in that, but six, seven of them were real close friends of mine," a man says. I wonder if this man is Malarkey, who was pals with Skip, Gonorrhea, and Compton, at the very least. It's also interesting to me that neither of these first two men used names for these towns -- one said "there," and the other said "that," almost as though it's too emotional for them to spit out the proper nouns. A third man recalls that medic Eugene Roe approached him after Skip Muck died and asked him whether he wanted to go look; certain he couldn't handle it, the man declined, and the camera lingers on an absolutely wrenching expression of grief in his eyes. A fourth man exists only to exposit that Haguenau was Easy's next stop, in the hope of leading a push across the river. Finally the last man -- who I personally think is Winters, but I honestly don't know and haven't seen any photos to confirm or refute this -- muses that once in Haguenau, everyone developed an indescribable gut feeling that the worst had passed and death was no longer a certainty. They felt they might live, and so treaded a bit more carefully.

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