Band of Brothers
The Last Patrol

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The Last Patrol

Finally, they set off across the river, shouting to Jackson that he'll be okay despite all the twitching and panting he's doing. Bullets hit the water with ferocity, missing the boats each time. Perconte helps them onto land. Jackson is screaming and gasping for air. "Take cover!" everyone yells, scurrying to safety. Somewhere in the process, they ditch the injured German, although I didn't see it happen.

Inside, Martin orders Popeye to pat down the Germans and restrict them to one corner; McClung is to radio CP and inform them of the mission's success. Men are screaming and waving hands and gnashing teeth. Jackson convulses on the ground. "I can't do this, I can't do this," wails Vest, obviously wondering why the hell he thought mail delivery was such a shitty job. Webster takes over, crouching next to Jackson and trying to comfort him while Shifty tries to settle down Vest. Martin leaves Hanks in charge while he scrounges up a medic. As Hanks supervises helpfully, the men try to hold down Jackson's fiercely quivering legs. Webster tries to talk Jackson out of his terrified fit, while Vest only exacerbates matters by shrieking, "He's gonna fucking die! He's gonna fucking die!" Webster, frustrated, leans down close to Jackson and insists, "Don't listen to him. Look at me. You're gonna be fine. Everything's going to be okay." In gratitude, Jackson horks up some blood. His ruined eye is a gelatinous mess. Ramirez, on whose lap Jackson's head is resting, tries to wipe off the streaking blood.

Sudden explosions are audible, and set Vest into a complete fury. He points his gun at the Germans and cusses them out insanely, while three men try to restrain him and the Germans just cower in a corner, freaked and certain the Americans have way too much sugar and not enough schnitzel in their rations. Hanks finally throws Vest against the wall and shouts, "We're not going to get more prisoners because you killed one! Listen to me, Private, sit down!"

Eugene Roe arrives and kneels next to Jackson, checking his airway and shining a light into his good eye. All other noise dies down, so that we only hear Jackson's labored breathing and Roe's sincere but pointless assurances that he'll be okay. "I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die," whimpers Jackson. As they try to carry him out, Jackson emits one final gurgle and seizes briefly before going limp. Roe rips off his own helmet and looks angry at the injustice of it all. Heffron shakes his head, turning toward the rest of the assembled group and letting his shock say it all. Slowly, Martin picks up a blanket and carries it toward Jackson's body, gazing mournfully at it for a moment before gently covering it.

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Band of Brothers




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