Band of Brothers
The Last Patrol

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The Last Patrol

The men emerge to see Nixon and Speirs grinning at Winters. "It's a whole new way to fight a war," Nixon snickers. "Don't bother writing this up. I'll take care of it. Might actually enjoy it. I think you might be onto something, Dick." Aw, I'd love to put a joke there about something, but I'm too proud of my man to say anything. Suddenly, the outpost across the river explodes in a lovely plume of flame and smoke, which Webster watches with another introspective smile. Speirs orders Hanks to join him at the CP, so Hanks obediently trots away.

At the CP, Donnie receives his Honorable Discharge as an enlisted man, which must come before he can accept a commission. Everyone congratulates him heartily, and an obviously delighted Donnie beams broadly. At the same time, everyone welcomes back Harry Welsh, felled in "Bastogne" during another surprise shelling. "Harry, didn't expect to see you this soon," jokes Nixon. "Figured you'd be nursing that scratch for another month or two." Winters departs the merriment just long enough to hand Hanks his new orders -- he's been promoted to 1st Lieutenant because, as a West Point grad, he's been earmarked for a staff job. Luz, watching next to the omnipresent Webster, whispers, "Looks like you lost another platoon leader, huh, Web?" More knowing smiles. It used to be Winters, now it's Webster. Boring to recap.

Webster narrates that Nixon did indeed write the bogus patrol report, and regiment never caught on to the lie. When Easy pulled out of Haguenau the next day, everyone felt like they'd crossed a major milestone and would doubtless live through the war. Nixon grabs Winters near one of the Jeeps and offhandedly says, "Oh, before I forget -- Col. Sink's a bit unhappy with the appearance of your uniform." He removes a box from his pocket and adds, "He says it's not befitting of your rank." Stunned, Winters opens the box and realizes he's getting an oak-leaf insignia. Nixon salutes him. "Congratulations, Major," he says. Webster watches again. Again! Enough with the watching and the narrating, dork.

Hanks seeks out Martin and Malarkey, shaking their hands and bidding them farewell, hoping this is enough to snag him a better TV gig than some damn WB-reject UPN show. Before he gets on the Jeep, Hanks exchanges a look with Webster, smiling at him. Guess what? Webster smiles back, and watches. He turns to board his own truck, tossing his bag inside and getting ready to propel himself up there. Liebgott, though, intercedes and offers his hand, because Webster proved himself in combat. Hmm, didn't see that one coming, except for the fact that it was flying right at my nose for the past hour. "I wondered if people back home would ever know what it cost soldiers to win this war," Webster muses in voice-over, noting that in America, it felt like peacetime already, with hotels and racetracks and clubs booming with business. "How could anyone know the price paid by soldiers in terror, agony, and bloodshed, if they'd never been to places like Normandy, Bastogne, or Haguenau?" he asks us. Well, that's what television is for, silly.

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Band of Brothers




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