Band of Brothers
The Last Patrol

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The Last Patrol

"So Easy had a new CO to go along with all the other new faces," Webster obviates, clarifying for the confused that all the guys he knew are either gone, or different. In the hands of a better actor, that would've been visible from one facial expression, but alas, we have to sit through more narration. "I was a veteran of D-Day and Market-Garden and had been with the company since its formation, but now, since I had missed Bastogne, I was treated as if I was a replacement and felt like I was starting all over again," Webster tells us.

The company headquarters are located in an old, multi-storey building with green wallpaper and crumbling old furniture. It's a lush mansion compared to the narrow trenches and crude shelters of the Ardennes Forest. Webster enters and greets Donnie, who is lying on a couch while Luz covers him with a blanket. It seems Donnie actually did act his ass off in the last episode, and has been ordered to rest until a new one can be airlifted to him. Luz thinks Donnie has pneumonia. "Sorry to hear that," Webster says. Luz jokes that Donnie's just fine, what with the luxury of a blanket and a couch to give him comfort. Donnie tells Webster to sit and wait for Speirs, at which time they'll get him situated in a platoon. Donnie looks tired. Small talk ensues.

Outside, Winters and a scruffy, bearded Nixon stare across the river. "He wants us to cross the river," Winters says softly, almost in disbelief. "Bet that water's cold," Nixon notes. "Should be able to get you some boats." Winters gets a glamour shot of the right side of his face. Well-deserved, too. He gripes that the night's full moon will deny them the cover of darkness.

CP. A clean, stern-looking Colin "Nepotism Rules" Hanks trots into the room. He's a lieutenant, so everyone in the room makes haste to stand. "As you were," Colin "Everything I Know About Auditioning, I Learned from Tori Spelling" Hanks nods importantly. His name is Lieutenant Jones -- yeah, like I'll be using that -- and he's looking for Captain Speirs. Lipton tells Colin "My Dad Swore No Son of His Would Be Seen on Roswell" Hanks to sit and wait for Speirs to return to CP. Webster blathers that we're about to find out what platoon he's in, but the suspense is lost on me.

Winters and Nixon trot purposefully toward Easy's CP. He's telling Nixon that he's not sure how best to handle "this," and will put the decision in Speirs's hands.

Speaking of Speirs, the Easy CO arrives at company CP and blows right past Hanks, who has bolted upright to stand at attention. Donnie tries to introduce Hanks, but Speirs ignores this and instead orders Donnie to go and recuperate in a private back room -- ostensibly so that the germs don't spread. Winters and Nixon enter at that moment, announcing that the regiment wants to send a patrol across the river on a mission to grab prisoners. "This one comes straight from Col. Sink, so it's not my idea," Nixon blurts. Webster watches this silently. Winters exposits that intelligence has identified an occupied three-storey building that's an optimal target for the 0100 raid, and calls for a fifteen-man patrol that includes a lead scout and a translator. The entire battalion will man guns along its side of the river, providing covering fire during the patrol's retreat. For good measure, Winters notes that he wants this to be a foolproof and safe mission. "Don't take chances on those men," Nixon cautions Speirs. "We're too far along for that."

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Band of Brothers




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