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Why We Fight

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Why We Fight

...and we're still looking at Nixon, but it's the shot from early in the episode, where he's on a Thalham balcony listening to the violin group play Beethoven. Bull, Luz, Liebgott, Webster, and Perconte listen silently to the gorgeous string melody. "Hitler's dead," Nixon announces. "Shot himself in Berlin." Bull wonders whether this means the war has ended, but Nixon shakes his head and reveals they've received orders to Bertesgaden -- the site of Hitler's famed Eagle's Nest hideaway. Webster snarks that Hitler should've killed himself three years ago and "saved [them] a lot of trouble." Nixon sighs, tired. "Yeah, he should've," Nixon agrees. "But he didn't."

The band lightly bows their instruments while townspeople continue to tidy up their hobbled town. The camera zeroes in on the original violin just as the musician plays the last note, gently laying his instrument inside its case and clicking it shut. Don't you wonder what became of a violin like that, and in whose hands it might be today?

"During the following months, Allied forces discovered numerous POW concentration and death camps," the screen reads. "These camps were part of the Nazi attempt to effect the 'final solution' to the 'Jewish question.' Between 1942 and 1945, five million ethnic minorities and six million Jews were murdered -- many of them in the camps."

The credits roll, this time set to gentle violin music and a slower, more classical version of the theme song that's very stirring. Next week, we get the finale, and a peek inside Hitler's Eagle's Nest.

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