Band of Brothers
Why We Fight

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Why We Fight

"It's gonna be good times, Web," Liebgott says. We cut to the truck, where Webster is chowing down and listening to Liebgott wax rhapsodic about his post-war plans. "First thing I do is get my job back at the cab company in 'Frisco," he begins. "Make a killing off the sailors coming home. Then, I'll find me a nice Jewish girl with great big, soft titties and a smile to die for." He wants to marry She of the Chest Pillows and buy them a huge house for all the MiniLiebgotts they'll conceive. Webster doesn't look too interested, but Liebgott doesn't notice, grinning elatedly at his little plan. Across the truck, Luz asks Janovec about the article he's reading so intently. "It's about why we're fighting the war," Janovec replies. "It seems that the Germans are bad. Very bad." Luz deadpans, "You don't say. Germans are bad, huh? Hey Frank..." He passes the newsflash down the line. Aw, I laughed out loud. But we switch back to Liebgott, who asks Webster to share his dreams for the future. Webster totally acts uninterested in being social, which sort of sucks for this man's real-life family, because the book portrays Webster as being enamored of the sense of fraternity engendered by the men of Easy. Here, though, Webster looks like he's tempted to scalp himself rather than chat. He does choke out something about finishing college, and Liebgott immediately stops him, amazed that with all his tales of Harvard, Webster somehow glossed over the wee detail that he isn't yet a graduate. "I haven't told you anything!" Webster fumes. Liebgott backs off, sensing he's gnawing on a very sensitive nerve. "It's just the way you always talked, you know? We all figured that..." Liebgott begins, but he sneaks another peek at Webster's face and retreats anew. "Hey, you know what? So the fuck what," he amends, changing course and asking what Webster studied. "Literature," Webster smarms. He doesn't expect a peon like Liebgott to understand a four-syllable word. "Get outta here! Are you serious? I love to read!" exclaims Liebgott, happily. "Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, mostly." Webster cocks his head and regards Liebgott with amusement, and more than a little condescension. Damn this show for making fun of Liebgott! I want to force-feed Webster my fist.

The caravan of soldiers passes a sign warning that this is an area of heightened alert because it's enemy territory. This sign is pretty -- clean, white, with important-looking black lettering. It's downright civil. When did anyone have time to do that? I had no idea the Army was so committed to proper signage. It might as well say, "Welcome to Enemy Territory! Visit our prison camps! Watch our guns blaze! Be Kind -- Please Rewind! And keep our streets clean." Charging into German houses, Easy evacuates the families inside with something less than the civility displayed on its lovely signs. They barge in, and demand that everyone evacuate in five minutes or less. Some of the soldiers protest this rudeness, pointing out to Speirs that the people have nowhere else to go; Speirs shows no mercy, ordering them to leave for one night. Liebgott tries to translate this gently, but it's total chaos anyway.

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Band of Brothers




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