Band of Brothers
Why We Fight

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Why We Fight

Two little moppets scamper about on a roof, the sound of ordered marching piquing their curiosity. Skipping to the edge, they peer over and gawk at a thick column of German soldiers marching between two Allied vehicle cavalcades. The expanse of prisoners extends into the distant horizon. Winters watches, amazed, remarking to Nixon that even in defeat, the Germans march with pride and dignity. At this point, Webster decides that the Germans need to look even classier. "That's right, you stupid Kraut bastards," he shouts politely. "That's right! Say hello to Ford and General fucking Motors, you stupid fascist pigs!" Where is this coming from? Last week, Webster was so comatose, I could've dissected his pelvis and he'd have yawned. He was Mr. Calm and Collected; during the patrol lunacy, Webster never so much feigned disillusionment or distress. Now, he's a loose cannon, rambling stupidly without any story arc to back up his fury. Plus...what the fuck was that about Ford? This scene grates me like cheddar. "Look at you! You have horses! What were you thinking?" Webster screams. The men with him try to calm their newly apoplectic friend, but Webster woodenly slings a few more arrows. "Dragging our asses halfway around the world, interrupting our lives, [and] for what?" he booms. "You ignorant, servile scum! What the fuck are we doing here? Huh?" It looks like that last line took quite a lot of effort. Eion Bailey couldn't quite pull it off. His problem? Talking. In this role, he can't use words like he means them. If anyone out there is making another ballet movie, please help this guy out; otherwise, he's doomed. Nixon engages in a very satisfying, hard think. He's somber. He read the book and can't believe how hard this scene sucked in comparison.

Cut to a country road, across which the Allied vehicles trek, having passed the German soldiers. Two more soldiers roust three Germans from a random shed, shooting them one by one. A geyser of blood squirts up from the first man's head. O'Keefe's eyes bulge to the diameter of Jupiter. Scanning his comrades' faces, he sees nothing but resignation and disinterest. As the last of the cars passes, the two Allied soldiers loot the bodies of the Germans they just killed.

Finally, the cars arrive in town, and everyone leaps off elatedly. Winters locates Speirs and informs him that some patrols should scour the area in case they stay overnight. Easy and Fox companies are to take the woods, with Dog Company scouting the village. Speirs turns around and tells Donnie where each Easy platoon should go; in the true spirit of delegation, Donnie runs off calling for 1st Sgt. Talbert. Then he tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on until the plan is clear: Easy will play the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. "Not worried about an ambush, are you?" Nixon asks Winters, who just shrugs and suggests that they make sure the town is secured.

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Band of Brothers




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