Bands on the Run
Atlanta, Part II

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Oh My God. Time For AP To Go Away.

Okay, so we’re still in Atlanta. Remember, the bands have to book their own shows, and only their highest-paying one will make it into their total tour earnings. Also, they can’t play anywhere they’ve already played.

Thursday. There are a couple of bims in FLICK’s room, whom Cory and Dom met a few nights ago. Cory: “We didn’t really invite them in here. I was just trying to go to sleep and they found their way in.” Sure, Cory. Whatever you say, man. “Nothing happened. It was all just innocent.” Mmm-hmm. Sarah and Jessica (the girls) say the same. It didn’t look all that innocent to me, but I’ll let it slide. Dominic asks Cory what happened to Leanne, and Cory admits that he was “not so cool” to her and that she took off with Esther. Rex comes in and wants to know if the band is going to book a show. Cory mentions that he’d like to sleep a little more. Dominic spread-eagles and farts so loudly that the walls shake. Mr. Stupidhead loses his shit laughing.

Over at the CRACK camp, AP (which stands for Ass Prick) is trying to work with some promoter. Bob talks about how he and AP “didn’t rest in Atlanta.” I don’t care much for Bob. Anyway, SOULCRACKER starts to back up out of their space and realizes that there’s no air in the tires of their van. Heh. Brandin: “The previous night, Fletcher told me that he and Cory let the air out of SOULCRACKER’s tires, and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s pretty funny.’” You’re darn tootin’ it is! “Me and Dominic happened to walk out right as they were discovering that their tires were flat, and I freaked out.” It’s funny, though, because Brandin and Dom inspect the scene as if they don’t know anything about it, and they’re all scratching their heads and crap. Heh. Dominic is the best: “What about our van?” Such a good cover. Makes them look so innocent. Rock. Beastie kicks something. Ramsey: “Oh, that was mature.” Ramsey, if you talked more I’d tell you to shut up, but I’ll go easy on you this time. I know you’re not really used to this whole “talking” thing. Anyway, it turns out that FLICK’s van won’t start because the battery is dead. Interesting. This leads Bobbo the Clown to the conclusion that “it was HARLOW that let the air out of our tires.” Bob is such a smug bastard. Shut up, Bob. Sutton: “It was probably just pranksters.” Bob: “It was HARLOW.” Bob…dude, if you don’t know by now, you’ll never know. Speaking of HARLOW…

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