Bands on the Run
Atlanta, Part II

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Oh My God. Time For AP To Go Away.

FLICK -- Take a wild guess. That’s right. $0
HARLOW -- Yup. $0
CRACK -- You have to be kidding. $180. Oh, God.

Fletcher is on the phone with this guy Michael, who manages a couple of local bands and who saw FLICK play a couple nights ago. Apparently, Michael pulled some strings and got FLICK to headline the show CRACK won from the bonus opportunity. That’s awesome. In your face, SOULCRACKER!

Rayshele is eating by herself. She looks really lonely. She talks a little bit about the transvestite bar. “When SOULCRACKER’s around, they just jump on the bonus opportunities and I lose all my motivation. Who cares? I’m glad we don’t have to play a show, I’m exhausted.” Yeah, dude. We all know that HARLOW has a lot of trouble relaxing. Oh, wait. You sleep twenty hours a day. Anyway, the other girls are trying to hook something up, and it doesn’t look like it’s going well at all. Rebecca: “Our whole approach for these three days was to try something completely different.” Let’s see if it works. Dude, they’re even considering bar mitzvahs and weddings and crap. If I ever saw HARLOW playing at a bar mitzvah, I think I’d probably piss my pants. But that’s just me. I do that all the time.

Apparently, Bob is having “trouble talking to Beastie and Sutton about anything.” That’s probably because they both know you and want you to leave them alone. “It’s like talking to your drunk uncle who comes to Thanksgiving every year. It sucks.” So do you, so get over it, Bob. Sutton is certainly acting aloof, but it’s just because he wants to play and that's it, not promote any more. Totally understandable. I’m just psyched to see everyone pissed at Bob. Heh.

So SOULCRACKER gets to their bonus venue (CJ’s Landing) and they find out that FLICK is headlining. AP: “Yeah, I think they’re kind of being dicks, but I don’t really care.” Yeah, okay, AP. Like you guys wouldn’t do the same thing if given the opportunity. Threck off, you schmap. Beastie: “It’s fine that they’re playing here, but the past couple days it’s been kinda like ‘shoo, FLICKERSTICK, shoo. Leave us alone.’” Oh, I see how it is, Toothy McBababooey. Because you guys don’t bug them at all. Oops, my bad. Yes, you do. So shut it. Oh, yeah. One more thing. You are a bad singer. And what I mean by that is that you should not ever sing. Just go home. Any old cow, during their set, AP and Bob tell everyone to go to their next venue that evening to catch their second show. Sutton thinks this is a bit of a “dick move,” and I agree. “That was pretty low-class and it pissed me off.” I’m with you, dude. For real.

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Bands on the Run




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