Bands on the Run
Atlanta, Part II

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Some dude named Armand (whom HARLOW met in Memphis) is in town, and he and his girlfriend are throwing a party for HARLOW to play at. Amanda’s pretty excited. On their way, the HARLOWVAN runs out of gas, so now every band has had car trouble this episode. Rayshele thinks it’s hilarious. Everyone else seems none too pleased, understandably. SOULCRACKER drives by but doesn’t stop to help because they still think that HARLOW let the air out of their tires. Chimene: “Oh, thanks a lot, you guys.” Chimene, you know they’re mostly dicks. Besides, who forgot to fill the tank? You guys get free gas money.

FLICKERSTICK has decided to go out and party. Dominic sets his sights on one girls who’s dancing, and makes a B-line towards her. They talk for a bit, and he convinces her to come out with them later. “Now all I have to do is stay sober for three more hours.” Yeah, fat chance, dude.

Donny (Remember him? He’s the guy who got in the fight with Beardy McO’Beardigan last episode) saves the day by getting the girls some gas, and they’re back on the road. They get to the party (which looks really fun), and start to play. Everyone is feeling it, and they’re making four hundred clams. FLICKERSTICK catches word of this party and decides to show up. Cory: “Fletcher and his bright ideas.” Huh? Anyway, after a while, Cory starts looking for the bathroom, but apparently it’s off limits for some reason. So, in classic FLICK form, he drops trou in the hallway and pisses in the corner. Cory: “It felt good.” That’s good. We can rule out chlamydia. Brandin: “Sick bastard.” You love it, dude. Don’t talk shit like you don’t.

Brendon and Katina are back, and they’re ready to do some talking.

Ticket sales:
FLICK -- $100
HARLOW -- $400
CRACK -- $200

FLICK -- $150
HARLOW -- $120
CRACK -- $512 (Are you kidding? This blows.)

Total tour earnings:
FLICK -- $6529
HARLOW -- $8388
CRACK -- $8959

Brendon mentions that the second battle of the bands is next week, so someone’s going home. Beastie: “I’m nervous as hell.” Dom: “I think the battle of the bands is obviously our only shot at staying on this tour. If people like us, they like us. If they don’t, we’re going home.”

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Bands on the Run




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