Bands on the Run
Atlanta, Part II

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Oh My God. Time For AP To Go Away.

After Brendon and Katina leave, Dominic proceeds to barf, hook up with three different girls (none of whom are the girl he asked out earlier), barf again, and eventually stumble to the van to go home. As they take off, Brandin rides the top of the van, giving total props to Teen Wolf. They are awesome. I want in.

Chimene is bitching, rightfully. “I hate ASSCRACKER. They always win and nobody likes them.” That about wraps it up for me. She’s right, though. Nobody likes them. They don't even like each other at this point.

Um, why is Rex driving? He’s wasted. Whatever. They get back to the hotel, and Brandin tucks Dominic into bed (after Dom hocks this nasty boot-loogie onto the floor). Fletcher, Rex, and Cory lie down together on the floor in the hallway. Dude, they’re wrecked.

Apparently, Beastie thinks that SOULCRACKER is the best band on this tour. He is clearly mistaken. “FLICKERSTICK has definitely been lucky on this tour. I think they may have a possibility of staying on.” Shut up, dude. They are a good band. That’s why they won the battle last time, and that’s why they’re totally going to win again.

Amanda: “We’re going home in a week.” We’ll see.

Next week: Sutton and Bob play spin the bottle, all the bands have internal beef of some kind, and someone’s going home. I can’t wait. Be there or -- be there. No option this time. ‘Til then!

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Bands on the Run




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