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Okay, worst crime? Daryl says fights in bars, but no bank robbing. AP bugs his eyes and laughs. Sutton says he and Bob and Beastie were pulled over for shooting a gun out of a car (a drive-by? No, probably shooting at traffic signs) and cops held guns to their heads and said, "Looks like a bazooka at this range, doesn't it, son!" Sutton makes it sound like a misty watercolor memory. Hey, remember that time? Cops held guns to our heads? Aw, yeah. Beastie says he used to steal food, and once he got arrested with two packs of cigarettes and a flower for his girlfriend who was "waiting out in the car." Just hold on, honey, I'm going to steal some cigarettes! Rex is agog at the question, and asks if people say "murder" when asked. Rex is a redhead! A natural redhead! Hee.

Okay, last question: What do you want out of Bands on the Run? Corey says he "would sell his soul to the devil to be a rock star." Sigh right here! Thank you! Rebecca says she wants to win and kick all the other bands' asses. Josh says he needs someone to take a chance on his band, and that this would "pay off." Heh. Apey says he "really believes in what the band is doing," and if what the band is doing is "sucking," well, I believe in it too. Corey then says that interviewing and playing stuff doesn't make him nervous -- what makes him nervous is wondering "what's going to happen" to him? Corey? You're going to be fine.

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