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Chicago, Part II

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Anyway, cut to CHODES BAND in the CHODES VAN. They've decided to go to the end of the Northwestern football game to promote their show. Yeah, great friggin' idea. I mean, Sutton has no right to talk because he's been doing this shit for eight years and still didn't get a single soul to his in-store, but really. He's right. These guys don't even consider the possibility of there being belligerent, drunk-ass frat boys at this game. "Oh, yeah, college students! They like music!" And beer. And getting on television. And not really caring about your band's gig. Sorry, dude. Harsh reality. Do you know how many flyers I get handed out to me on the street every day? I'd say upwards of thirty. Do you know how many of the events advertised on those flyers I go to? None. Do you know how likely I am to go to one of those events when the flyer has been handed to me while I'm stumbling out of some sporting event? About half as likely as when I get handed flyers on normal occasions. Sorry, DODES. Daryl is really kind of a jerk, by the by. Regardless, DODES's plan falls pretty damn short.

If I ever express any desire to see One Night at McCool's, I give each and every one of you the right to shoot me.

HARLOW is getting amped for their limo gig. Rayshele is playing one of those Dweezil Zappa guitars with the speaker built in. I always wanted one of those. Anyway, "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a big bottle of Viagra." Like, ha ha. Not. Shut up, HARLOW. You don't even work and you get these sick gigs. Damn. The Chipsters are appreciative, and hope the song goes to the "top of the charts." Shut up, Fratty McFratfrat.

FLICKERSTICK gets word of the HARLOW limo gig. Brandin calls it gender discrimination. I don't care.

SOULCRACKER plays an unplugged gig at some local coffee house. It sounds pretty good and they make some sales. They seem pretty relieved.

Back to FLICKERSTICK at The Double Door, getting ready for their show. SOULCRACKER shows up to see if they can undercut them and play a quick opener before FLICKERSTICK gets on. Bob says they were "trying to get some of their crowd." Thanks, Bob. Back to you, Mr. S. Cory and Rex bitch about SOULTHWACKER. Something new and different. Brandin: "Well, they didn't get the show. We did." True. True.

Trouble at the DODES camp. Jo Jo is a little peeved because he didn't think the football game was that great an idea. I'm with Jo Jo, but everyone in the band is a little pissed because they don't want to admit that it was, in fact, a pretty sucky plan. They start yelling at Jo Jo for wearing headphones during the post-football-game plan, as if what he had to say would have made any difference. Josh mentions that the band fighting on camera is gonna look bad. Duh.

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