Bands on the Run
Chicago, Part II

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At the Double Door, BLICKERBRICK has started their set and are starting to rock pretty damn hard. HARLOW is done with their limo gig and has come by to show their support for FLICKERSTICK. Rebecca: "I really enjoyed going to see FLICKERSTICK. I thought they were really talented." Of course you did, Becks. You are totally in love with Cory. He's your boyfriend. You love him. Anyway, HARLOW buys the boys some shots, and after the show helps them sell their merchandise, buys them more shots, beers, et cetera. It's FLICKERSTICK, dude. Of course they're boozing. Fletcher mentions something about getting some sort of "Survivor thing going" with HARLOW "where we team up and beat the other teams." That could work, actually. If they decided to team up and book double shows wherever they go, they would totally win. Unless DODES and SOULCRACKER get their shiznit togiznether.

Which they're not, 'cause they've totally just been kicking back with a few brews tonight while FLICKERSTICK and HARLOW are workin' it big time. I think these guys are still a little cocky from the pilot, don't you think? Some serious tables have been turned, here. I don't know if I can go on. Oh, all right.

Some shots of Beastie shakin' his junk on the dance floor.

Time for some delicious commercials. Is there really that large a shortage of domain names? Oh, yeah. Life 2.0? What does that even mean?

HARLOW time. It's four in the morning, and Rayshele is driving. She's a little pissy 'cause they didn't do what she wanted to do that evening. Everyone else is too drunk to respond tactfully, so they pretty much remain quiet.

DODES BAND is still talking about the botched football game promotion scheme they launched earlier. Boring.

FLICKERSTICK is absolutely wasted. Rex is acting out exactly the type of behavior he's always bitching about. He tells Fletcher that he smells, and starts spraying Febreze right in his face. Everyone's laughing, but you can tell they just want him to shut up. As do I.

Sunday morning. Show day. SOULCRACKER is getting ready for their show at The Subterranean. Beastie admits that "we were all getting a little bit nervous and started to doubt ourselves about how much work we had done."

FLICKERSTICK gets a radio interview through one of Dominic's friends. But what's really funny is that while Dom's on the phone hooking it all up, Cory is behind him flipping him the bird spastically. Heh.

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