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SOULCRACKER's "party" looks like a total bust. A.P. starts talking some nonsense about how "it's really important for us to develop this fan base. We're not focusing on getting laid at this point." Well, dude, maybe you should, because you're not building much of a "fan base" by inviting five people to your hotel room instead of going out and promoting your asses. And quit talking about how awesome your strategies are. First of all, they're totally counterintuitive to the whole point of the show (to make money). Second, they don't work. You are losing, remember? Dummy.

Cory pledges a "one-hundred-percent no-throw-up guarantee for the rest of the show." Let's hope so. FLICKERSTICK is back at the ranch, enjoying themselves in drunken splendor. Dominic walks in looking for a smoke, and the married girl he's been boffing comes in behind him butt naked. Dominic, you are the living end. Not. That girl is so feeling this right now. Sucker.

Time for some adverts.

Show day. FLICKERSTICK has made very little in merchandise sales ($40). HARLOW has sold $150, DODES $305, and SOULCRACKER $309. Hmm.

HARLOW is at Mix 106, doing an acoustic set on yet another annoying morning show.

JOSH DODES is getting reamed for their traffic accident yesterday. Brendon tells them that there is an "infraction of the show's rules," so he's docking $250 from their total. The band is pissed, but Josh wants to "take responsibility for it." Way to go, dude. Adrian sees Brandin and Rex and tells them about the accident. They both think it's "rad" and give her high fives.

Rebecca's parents are in town. She's really psyched about having them to see her. Her dad was in a punk band called The Battered Wives. Rock. It would be so cool if my dad were in a punk band. He'd never.

Bands are starting to set up. FLICKERSTICK thinks their club is a pit. It is. Fletcher: "Well, that's rock." Is it, though? Is it?

SOULCRACKER seems optimistic. I'm not so sure they should be.

Rebecca's dad looks like he really wants to get on stage and rock a little somethin'. He's happy for his daughter. Aw. They have a ton of people at the Grog Shop. Their opening act is some crazy accordion-playing guy in a bib. Weird.

There is nobody even near the JOSH DODES BAND. I don't even think the club they're playing in is open. I don't know how they got in. They literally have one person clicked in. Damn, they suck.

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