Bands on the Run
Columbus, Part II

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Time To Battle!

Independent audience invited by VH1: 5 points

Battle Scores:
FLICK -- $76
HARLOW -- $58
DODES -- $49
CRACK -- $30

Woohoo! FLICK wins! But DODES is gone. Everyone starts to get really emotional. FLICK is crying because they just won. DODES is crying because they have to go home. Jo Jo starts to cry, which hits me in the chest, because he’s such a big guy and I always find it quite sad to see a large guy cry. I don’t know. Everybody hugs. Cory hugs Daryl. Chimene hugs Adrian (that beef died pretty quick). Amanda: “There was this heavy melancholy in the room, and it was really quite horrible.” Maiya: “I suppose we knew this could happen, I mean we did sign on for it. There’s a lot of good bands here, and someone had to go. If it had to be us, so be it.” Aw. I feel bad for them.

Meanwhile, Dominic is totally passed out on the stage, and Cory is still blubbering into his beer. Dude, get over it. It’s been, like, two hours. Brandin and Fletcher pour Dominic into the van.

Chimene is still really impressed with the FLICKERSTICK chivalry from earlier. “I think FLICKERSTICK really saved our asses. In the long run, I think, they really made the difference.” Rebecca: “I really think SOULCRACKER should be afraid of FLICKERSTICK and HARLOW. I don’t think FLICKERSTICK would form an alliance with them, and I’m pretty confident we wouldn’t, so…” Word. Send those suckers home. I’m sick of even paying them any attention.

Beastie and Bobbo the Clown are certainly anxious. Beastie: “Now that they know about the DODES merch swap they hate us even more than they used to.” Yup. “I’m not even remotely comfortable because we came in last. I just want to let you know rock is dead.” Yeah, maybe your rock is. Go home, Beastie. Take Bobbo with you. Nutlord.

Some final thoughts from DODES. Daryl: “I still think we’re the best. But the best doesn’t always win.” Yeah, that’s deep. Jo Jo: “I’m gonna miss the bands, wondering what they’re doing and stuff.” Josh: “I feel like it’s going to be difficult, coming back down to earth. I feel like we gained the respect of the other bands. It’s still nice to see that new faces will come to hear our music, and within the course of half an hour to an hour they’re saying, 'Damn. That’s really good.'”

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