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Ah, how the tables have turned!

Fletcher: “That whole night was just a really strange night. Everything was out of whack.” Shot of the full moon. FLICK walking inside in slo-mo. Fletcher and Brandin are talking in the hall, and Stephanie comes out. You remember Stephanie. She and Brandin boinked last night. So she hollers at Fletcher to “come over here.” Being obliterated, he does as he’s told. They sneak into the bathroom and boff. It’s hilarious, too, because they’re trying to be all quiet, but change keeps falling out of their pockets, and then they start panting and moaning. The camera guy goes over to Cory, who’s in the bedroom, kicking back with a beer in bed, listening intently and giggling with an astonished look on his face. That’s classic. That’s why I like this show. If these guys get kicked off, I’m gonna be really pissed.

Okay, so not only do they record the sound of Fletcher and Stephanie humping, but afterwards they follow her out to the car to interview her. “How do you think Fletcher’s fiancée is going to feel when she sees this show?” Stephanie: “I think she’d be really happy for him, meeting people, getting them to come see their band, liking them.” Yeah, liking. Nice one. Nyet.

Next week, there’s more. Fletcher’s dad buys Angel (Fletch’s fiancée) a ticket to see him, and it's a surprise. Oh, yeah. He’ll be surprised, alright. The battle is next week, and a band (please, oh please let it be SOULCRACKER) gets the big ol’ boot in the ass. It looks like they’re all rockin’ pretty hard. Should get interesting…

'Til next week! Woo hoo! Not.

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Bands on the Run




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