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May 30 Show At Brownie's

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But of course he doesn't hear me, because FLICKERSTICK is setting up, and the amount of deafening squealing that attends Brandin's entrance makes it impossible to hear anything at all. And now here's Mr. S with a non-in-depth non-analysis of the show musically.

Mr. Stupidhead: Okay, so, they totally rocked. Dominic is a really tight drummer, and the sound guy certainly wasn't sleeping. They sounded excellent, and I was pretty psyched that a) I actually knew some the lyrics so I could sing along and b) they decided not to cover "Fade Into You." Sars told me she'd pay me ten clams to scream "I want to lick Dominic's nipples" between songs. I declined, even though it was ragingly my idea to begin with (tee hee). Anyway, Fletcher and Rex bounced all around the stage. In fact, from what I could see, the whole band had a lot of energy. Then again, I'm not totally sure because I was so far from the stage I may as well have been in Guam. Basically, if you watch BOTR, you totally already know what the show was like. The only discrepancy was that FLICK was not wasted at all. However, it was the first of two shows that evening, and Sars and I didn't get to see any drunken shenanigans because we left to get drunk elsewhere ourselves -- but not before talking to Brandin a little sumpin'.

Sars: I totally hate barging up to famous or semi-famous people, because I don't want to bother them, and also because I freeze up and don't have anything to say. But Alex Richmond had told me that she'd given Brandin a heads-up that we'd be at the New York show, so I pretty much shoved Mr. S in front of me and hissed, "Go introduce us." We had to wait for the betty contingent to clear off, and then we presented ourselves to Brandin, who is very small, very cute in person, and had no idea who we were or what we were talking about. We refreshed his "memory" about the site, and then I basically started babbling about how everyone on the forums likes FLICK a lot, and doesn't like SOULCRACKER. He laughed and said that he hears that a lot. After a bit more polite chit-chat, we got out of his way and headed out of the club, passing Cory (just as cute in person) and Fletcher (ditto), who were surrounded by admiring girls. Dom was chilling with a beer and talking to some band geeks, and we complimented him on the show on the way to the door; he thanked us really nicely. I hate to say this, but I can see why the girls go for him. He's got amazing arms.

And then we went to a German beergarden and got plastered.

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