Bands on the Run

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Beastie's sportin' wood. Sweetness. Not.

Sutton’s teaching the boys to play poker. Aw. No campfire? Oh, yeah, they’re in a van.

Oh, great. Of course, they start playing “Walking in Memphis” on the soundtrack. Whatever.

Cory accidentally left his undies in Nashville. Dominic and Brandin are tickled pink by this, as am I. Tee hee!

SOULCRACKER has to cross the border to Mississippi to play their show at Bally’s. I don’t care much.

Rex wants to know what Cory’s system for gambling is. “I’m just gonna play the dollar blackjack table and get liquor.” Rex: “That don’t sound like much of a system.” El Dangeroso speaks the truth. He is a wise one. And he rocks.

Rayshele is not happy about the casino and starts to bitch and moan immediately. She says something about how this is a “sabotage of wasted time.” What the hell does that mean? It seems to me that if you sabotage wasted time, you’re actually being pretty efficient, right? Whatever, I guess I know what she means. Kind of. Well, no, not really, but whatever. Rebecca likes the “sickness factor of playing to the newlyweds and nearly-deads.” That’s nice.

All the bands are showing up at the casino now, getting drinks and preparing to play. It doesn’t seem like the greatest venue. FLICK goes on first, and they rock, as usual. Rex: “Nobody was into us there. That ‘bling-bling-bling, bling-bling-bling,' that hypnotic thing that just doesn’t stop, you know? God!” Yeah, dude. That’s gotta suck.

All of the HARLOW girls agree that they don’t want to gamble their money. Smart move, I say. Rebecca: “Okay, so it’s anonymous.” Waps. I think she means "unanimous." “Yeah, anonymous, no one will know who decided.” Good save, Beck.

Beastie: “The crowd at the casino was comprised mostly of HARLOW and FLICKERSTICK. It was a pretty good crowd.” Aw, Beastie. Don’t give me a soft spot for you there, guy. You’re the guy I like to hate; don’t screw it up for me.

FLICKERSTICK has already started to gamble. Brandin mentions that he thinks everyone in the band is getting along better than ever. Regardless, everyone stinks at the blackjack table. So much for the “foolproof plan,” Cory. Ah, whatever. Free drinks, right? Right on.

Beastie thinks that “now that it’s down to just the three bands, people are willing to start talking to one another.” I don’t think it’s that, dude. I think it’s just that the other bands drink a lot, and they seem to be pretty jolly drunks. I think that alcohol makes them less prone to cringing when they see you and your band. That’s all it is. Just because they stand there and watch you play blackjack does not mean they’re your BFFs.

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Bands on the Run




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