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Beastie's sportin' wood. Sweetness. Not.

Tonight is “Pint Night” at Flying Saucer, so SOULCRACKER is playing a gig there. FLICKERSTICK and HARLOW catch wind of this and decide to crash the party, mainly because it’s the only place open in Memphis. It’s still kind of awesome to see them get their come-up-ins and give CRACK a taste of their own medicine by undercutting their promotion. Rock. While FLICKERSTICK is just sitting there (drinking), Beastie comes up and sits down with them while he’s still singing. Wow, Beastie. It’s amazing that you can still sing while being so nonchalant. It takes real talent to do something like that. Substitute “a real asshole” for “real talent.” My bad.

FLICK is not amused. Neither is AP: “Like, what the fuck?” Dude, you’re totally a woman. “FLICKERSTICK and HARLOW came over and promoted their show during our set, and it’s like, if HARLOW was playing, and we did something like that, they’d flip!” The only reason you know that is because you have done that and they have flipped, on several occasions. You are a tool, AP. Get out of my house, and take Bob and Ta-Ta Toothy with you. CRACK decides to go home early and let the other bands promote. Rayshele gives Sutton a gentle ribbing about the "Good Morning Memphis" thing. I think she’s flirting. Sutton thinks she’s being competitive and jealous. Hmm. “They want to act like they don’t care, but they really do.” Of course they do. There’s a lot of money at stake.

So, it’s Rex’s birthday. FLICK is absolutely tossed, and El Dangeroso is making his presence known. Fletcher: “After five or six beers, he becomes El Dangeroso. After four or five more, he’s El Idioso.” True. Rex gets Dominic to kick him in the balls. Cory: “Some people like hand-holding, for others it’s a backrub. For Rex, it’s a nice kick in the junk.” I see. The boys try writing an impromptu song for Rex. The best line is from Cory: “It’s not a coincidence that Rex rhymes with man-sex.” Bwa. Then they start singing “House of the Rising Sun.” Big mistake. At least it’s not “Fade Into You.” Ohhhhh, yeah -- they're drinking Natty Lite. Only the best for our man Rex.

Quick! Merch totals! Now!
FLICK -- $30

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Bands on the Run




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