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Beastie's sportin' wood. Sweetness. Not.


Okay, so it’s Tuesday. Show day. Woo. Hoo. Not.

It’s 5:20 AM, and SOULCRACKER is just arriving for their "Good Morning Memphis" gig at FOX 13. They set up and play, and one of the host interviews Slutton. “I think if all these Memphis people come out to our show and buys lots of CDs and t-shirts, we’ll have a pretty good chance of staying on tour.” Yeah, nice way to totally alienate an audience, dude. “These Memphis people”? What are they, lepers? Come on, dude.

HARLOW is worried about the amount of people coming to the show tonight. Not interesting.

SOULCRACKER goes to Rhodes College after their morning show to promote. AP pretty much passes out, and Sutton serenades some college betties. Ramsey: “Our promotion was so scattershot. AP was passed out, I think I had a second-day hangover from the casino experience. Beastie was really going after people guerrilla style.” How old is Ramsey, anyway? He looks like he’s fifteen. Anyway, Sutton serenades some college girls as we go to commercial.

Back at the Flying Saucer, there’s an acoustic performers' night in which Brandin is performing. Dominic: “I almost had to bust a tear 'cause it was very, very good. He blew me away when he sung the song.” He really does sound good. Brandin has a terrific voice. Cory: “I think a lot of people were really impressed.” I’ll say. Every eye in the place is on Brandin, and nobody’s talking. That’s awesome. They rocked on Wednesday, by the way. But that’s neither here nor there.

Over at The Last Place On Earth, HARLOW is getting ready for their gig. Rebecca is vexed because she just heard that SOULCRACKER’s venue is the place to be on Tuesday nights. Chimene: “Goddamn SOULCRACKER every time!” Rebecca: “I don’t want to sound like a spoiled, bitter bitch, but they have had almost every advantage, while we have had every disadvantage. It’s like, throw us a bone every once in a while.” She’s getting really pissed. She normally doesn’t get this way. She’s also a bit pissed that there are only four paying HARLOW fans in the club, and they’re on in twenty minutes. I would be, too. Amanda: “Rebecca’s a little sister, so she’s obsessed with what’s fair and all that. I’m a big sister, so I’m used to the baby getting whatever it wants and that’s the way it goes, y’know?” No, I don’t think I do, actually. Sars, you gotta lend me that siblings book you told me about. Then maybe I will know. Y’know?

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