Bands on the Run

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Beastie's sportin' wood. Sweetness. Not.

HARLOW pulls into the parking lot of the hotel at the same time as SOULCRACKER. Chimene: “Oh, look. SOULCRACKER’s here first, as always.” Word. “I hate those guys.” Again, word. Sutton’s the only cool one.

Drunken fun at the FLICKERSTICK camp. Some girl is trying to molest Brandin, but he’s not having her. Cory: “Dominic had one girl and she left, then the other girl who was trying to feel Brandin’s junk jumped up on Dominic and they went to the bathroom.” Cory and Fletcher, of course, have their ears up against the door and are giggling into their hands.

Sutton’s girl is coming to visit. Great. Not. Don’t care.

Toothy’s getting it on with Breasty when she mentions she’s got a boyfriend. Sorry, Beastie. Blue balls for you, my non-friend. Mwa ha ha! Beastie’s worried about Rebecca. Whatever, dude. I don’t care about this little cry for attention. It’s not gonna work on me. Shut up, Beastie.

Jennifer, Dominic’s first girl of the evening, has just called back. Dom is still in the bathroom, fooling around with what’s-her-name. Anyway, Dom takes off to hang with Jennifer. What’s-her-name proceeds to flash everyone, including the cameras, and tries once again to get into Brandin’s pants, which he, again, isn’t having. “I don’t know who that girl was, but I have never felt more violated in my entire life.” "Violated"? Well, maybe…but…I dunno. [“I’d let her do me.” -- Sal Primeux] ["And catch the herpes she got from Dom? Ew." -- Sars]

Next week…SOULCRACKER breaks the sacred “no girlfriends on the road” policy. Dom hits up a strip club. Amanda hooks up some more lesbionic action (dude, she gets more ass than Dominic), which Cory tries to get a piece of. HARLOW plays at Medieval Times. Dominic arm-wrestles Bob, and kicks his ass. Nice. 'Til then!

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Bands on the Run




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