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DODES is out, leaving SOULCRACKER with no friends

Okay. So DODES is outta here. SOULCRACKER is in first place, which sucks. They’re way ahead of FLICK and HARLOW. FLICK is in last (boo).

It’s 8:00 AM, and JOSH DODES BAND is getting ready to split. Ramsey comments on how “it’s hard to see them go.” I didn’t know Ramsey could speak. He’s never said a thing before this. Any old cow, DODES and CRACK have a big hug session, and Daryl visits FLICKERSTICK to say goodbye. Chimene gives Josh a kiss. Adrian mentions that she’s not really going to miss the promoting, which I really can’t blame her for. Not fun. Chimene mentions in her interview that she’s happy that HARLOW didn’t get kicked off. Well, duh. Jo Jo and Maiya didn’t expect to go home first, they’re disappointed, blah blah. Whatever, they’re gone. Time to move on.

That’s why Brendon and Katina are here. Woohoo! They go over the tour earnings, which read:

FLICK -- $4251
HARLOW -- $4994

Not. That blows. I want SOULCRACKER to lose. They’re such scumbags.

Katina mentions that the next city on the tour is Nashville. There’s also a bonus opportunity. If they want to, the bands can each write a country song and perform it in Nashville for a hundred smackers. Cool deal.

The bands hit the road. In the CRACKVAN, Beastie McTooth and Bobbo the Clown are talking. Beastie wants to get at least a thousand dollars ahead of HARLOW. Bob: “Oh yeah. HARLOW is in big trouble.” Oh, whatever, Captain Bigbucks. Why don’t you just chill out for a second? Damn. Bob is such a cocky doof. Why is this band so sucky? To be honest, I don’t mind the other guys so much. AP is kind of a tool, but Sutton and Ramsey aren’t that bad. It’s just Beastie and Bob. They try to act all oblivious to the fact that they’re jerks. If they would just admit that they’re scumbags, it would be one thing. But they are just money-hungry show-stealers. Screw them. Beastie: “I don’t think the other bands respect us and how we want to play out a lot of the time.” Look, dude, they don’t disrespect you because you want to play. They disrespect you because you try to play at their venues on their nights. Dumbass.

FLICKERSTICK is a bit worried about the country tune. Cory: “The one thing we got is that we’re from Texas! We’re the only Southern band on this thing.” All the boys share a good laugh. They’re great. I’m going to see them with Sars on Wednesday and I am pumped. Anyway, Brandin thinks HARLOW is “in the wrong town.” Yeah. They can barely play their own music, let alone country. We’ll see…

Rebecca is the only HARLOW member even willing to try writing the song. She starts noodling around in the van, and everyone seems kind of annoyed. Rayshele thinks it “sounds like a fart.” Agreed.

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