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DODES is out, leaving SOULCRACKER with no friends

After CRACK plays, HARLOW brings it on. Beastie: “HARLOW thought we were stabbing them in the back and that we had mean intentions in playing at their show.” Dude, you just said “their show.” Doesn’t take a genius. Do you not realize you’re being filmed being a jerk? God.

Anyway, Bob is talking to Chimene. “I don’t want you guys to think we’re invading your space.” “Well, you are.” Heh. “I think you’re a really bad guy.” “I think you’re a little drunk, sweetheart.” "Sweetheart"? She should punch him, but she just walks away. Like me, she’s sick of Bob and his bullshit.

Fletcher and Dominic are going out. Unfortunately, they meet up with the lady from earlier who was ever so proud of her, um, chestal girth. Fletcher is none too pleased. Dom: “As soon as we got in there, boy, she latched onto him.” He ain’t kidding. This woman, who since we last saw her decided to don a necklace with a plastic nude woman’s torso on it, is all over Fletcher. She’s completely tossed, her hair is matted against her forehead with sweat, and she clearly has no idea how to seduce a man. I am embarrassed for her. She keeps lap-dancing and Fletcher keeps laughing, not mean-spiritedly, but more out of confusion and embarrassment. He gets her to take off her bra as a dare, which she does. They get kicked out of the bar. That’s hilarious. Dominic: “We got the bra and sold the CDs, and that’s all that matters.” Was it really worth it?

So for once, FLICK is in the lead for merch:

FLICK -- $120
HARLOW -- $60
JERKS -- $25 (Heh.)

Sutton misses his girlfriend. “When I try to call her and I can’t talk to her, I get needy.” Okay. I didn’t know this guy even had a girlfriend. Didn’t he just leave his wife (for the second time)? Whatever.

It’s 2:30 PM, and Chimene is just waking up (with her booty call from last night). “Some of the bands are doing better with sales, while some of us are doing better with, um, booty.” True. Rebecca still doesn’t know what to do for the country song. Chimene suggests, “I wanna bagga dope, I wanna bagga dope, I wanna bagga dope oh boy.” I think it’s a bad idea.

FLICK is working their song out. It’s actually a song Cory wrote years ago and wants to sing. There’s one problem: Cory can’t sing. Sounds kinda crappy, but not intolerable. Dom: “He really wants to sing, he really tries, but it’s horrible.” Agreed.

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Bands on the Run




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