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DODES is out, leaving SOULCRACKER with no friends

FLICK -- $120
HARLOW -- $153

FLICK is slacking on promotions. Cory and Brandin are doing laundry. Brandin: “We’ve definitely hit a bit of a lull. After Columbus we were so wiped and emotionally exhausted 'cause we were expecting to go home.” Still, dude, if you don’t sell that merch, you’re going to lose. Better get on that, guy.

SOULCRACKER goes to a mall. They play their dumb little songs on their dumb little guitars. Nobody really seems to pay them any attention. Good, I say.

Brandin mentions that he wants to play a Mazzy Star song. Good luck with that, dude. I mean, I actually like the song, so don’t screw it up and do something stupid like asking some random girl who can’t sing to do back-up. Thanks, bro.

Over at the Exit/In, Rebecca and Chimene are still working out the country song. It doesn’t seem like it’s coming along very smoothly. Rebecca: “I’m going to pretty much make up the lyrics as we go along.” Great. That’s a great idea. I can’t believe nobody thought of that. Not. It’s a bad idea. Whatever, just as long as you get to see the bling bling, nawm sain?

FLICK is over at JackLegs, their venue. There is nobody there. So, in true FLICKERSTICK form, they go out on the street and grab people within twenty minutes of performing. I love these guys, man. I’m so psyched for Wednesday. Dude, is Dominic really attractive? I can’t tell, but he seems to have this effect on women. It’s crazy. What is it about him? His rugged good looks, his surly demeanor? Whatever; apparently, it works. ["Okay, here's a girl's perspective. Yeah, we know that he's a sleaze, but if I hadn't seen the show, I might go with him -- he's really personable and goofy-seeming, and he has great arms, plus he's not as intimidatingly good-looking as Corey. Plus, chicks looooove the drummer. I don't know why, but we do. It's, like, a universal law." -- Sars] Fletcher: “It seems to be our strategy to get people twenty minutes before we play. I think it worked okay.” Word.

HARLOW got some bodily mutilation guy to open for them. Pretty awesome. This guy chops celery on his chest, sews into his arm with needle and thread, hangs weights from his nipples, hammers nails into his nose and tongue, and eats metal shavings. There’s a picture of this guy next to the definition of "cute" in Webster’s Ninth. Not, there isn’t. Rebecca: “He hung irons from his testicles. Need I say more.” Yes! How can I contact him? Not.

SOULCRACKER got Mindy Smith to open for them. As soon as she’s done, everyone who’s there to see her leaves. Bwa ha ha! You suck, CRACK! Nobody even claps when they’re done playing. Good.

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Bands on the Run




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