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Okay, no opening montages of bands waking up today. Just Brendon and Katina. They want to rub FLICK's failure in their faces once more:

Total Tour Earnings:
FLICK: $5382
HARLOW: $6008
GOD-A.P.-SUCKS: $6650

Apparently, the next town is New Orleans. Everyone seems pretty psyched. Chimene: "Time to get nothing done in New Orleans!" Fletcher: "Except go to a lot of strip clubs." Hmm.

Car banter:

HARLOW. Rebecca is ready to give up and just go to FLICK shows. Amanda: "I think everyone's forgetting what this is all about. It's not about the fucking competition. We fucking rock, and I'm not about to storm out of some venue just because some guy's being a fucking jerk. We wake up at, like, eight at night, and we go out and make friends, and we've gotten really far. I'm really proud of us." As well you should be. I would be pretty proud of my band if we sucked rocks and still beat out FLICK. It's astonishing, really.

CRACK. Ramsey: "'No girlfriends on the road' is a pretty important rule. I made an exception this time." Apparently, Ramsey is planning to have his girlfriend come to New Orleans. I would care if I cared. But I don't, because we've heard Ramsey say about three words all season. Whatever. Slutton's girlfriend is coming, too. Bob: "There's nothing harder than being in a band and having a girlfriend, or being in a band with somebody who has a girlfriend." Oh, poor forlorn Bob. Not. No sympathy for you!

FLICK. Rex: "Our club is a metal club." Brandin: "On a Friday night? That place is gonna be full of metalheads, man!" Ya think, Brandin? Everyone seems vexed.

All the bands arrive in New Orleans, and SOULCRACKER decides to check out their venue, Carrollton Station. Sutton is getting seriously annoyed with AP: "He seems to approach everyone with this air of superiority. 'Check this out, we've got this awesome show coming up...'" I have to say, I agree. I think AP is starting to suck more and more with each episode. It's a strange phenomenon, because the more AP bugs me, the less Beastie does. I can't explain it. Regardless, AP does, in fact, suck ass. Sutton: "Tonight we can tie him down to his bed and give him a pink belly all night." Sounds like a plan. Can I get in on that?

HARLOW is already loving New Orleans. Rebecca: "We didn't really fit in in Memphis, but once we got here, Amanda turned to me and said, 'We're gonna win New Orleans.'" I wouldn't hold my breath, because your band sucks, but I'm glad you're having fun. Amanda meets Laura, a New Orleans native (and also lesbionic in the most fabulous way). She happens to be the club manager, and hangs out with HARLOW into the wee hours. Amanda: "I was just thinking, 'Wow, she's really hot. We're gonna go get drunk and have a lot of fun.'" Drunk? In New Orleans? Go on! Laura wants to know whether they're going to be the "bad girls of the documentary. That would be so fun!" Riiiigghhtt. They're getting mighty close.

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