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FLICK is in a strip club, surprise, surprise-not-it's- not-a-surprise- at-all. Rex: "Dominic has to go to strip clubs, which I don't understand. It's not sexuality, it's commerce. They want your money, not you." ["What?! That's not really true, is it?" -- Wing Chun] Quick shot of Rex uncomfortably introducing himself to one of the strippers. Then a shot of Dom getting danced on. Fletcher: "There's Dominic, lying on the dance floor, one girl sitting on his face, another straddling him. I was like, 'Okay, now we're in Nyahlins.'" Dom: "We had fun." Giggle. Oh, Dom, please.

CRACK has lined up a late-night gig at some place called Snake Jakes or something. They sound like poo and nobody listens, which naturally puts a smile on Mr. Stupidhead's face. Sutton: "There would be a few people listening at a time, and those people really liked us." Or they were just being polite. Afterwards, CRACK is walking back to the van, and Beastie points out a dead rat that he flyered. "Yeah, I just told him 'we're playing at the Hanta Virus Inn.'" That's actually pretty funny. You see? Why is Beastie, of all people, making me laugh. He shouldn't be. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Quick merch update before the commercial:

FLICK: $20

Dude, ever since DODES left the show, the commercials have gotten longer by at least two minutes. Looks like the BOTR post-production team is getting a bit lazy. Buck up, campers!

So HARLOW's on the radio, once again. Rebecca: "We're all caught up in this machine, and whether we like it or not, I'm still gonna call up radio stations and book interviews." Dude, you know what must kind of suck about being in HARLOW? Whenever they do a radio show, they never get comments like, "We really dig that song 'Blue Lie'" or "You guys rock." They always get, "You guys are beautiful" and "I'm really digging the whole chick thing." Is it really so fascinating that they're female and play in a rock band? And it's like, even if they're music did indeed rock, these low-life early-morning radio "personalities" would still not even think to mention it. "Chick thing?" Get a life, dude.

Bonus, bonus, bonus! The winning band gets to play on a Bourbon Street balcony, and, as usual, a hundred and fifty beans. They also get an open bar while they play. The bands have to meet up at some place called Razzoo on Bourbon Street to get further instructions. HARLOW gets the news during their radio interview, which sucks for them. They can't win now. Fletcher wants to go right now: "Free booze?!" Heh.

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