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Bam! HARLOW is getting dinner at Emeril's, and they're so amped that they skipped the bonus opportunity. They get invited to eat in the kitchen, and the food looks so good. While they're leaving, a bunch of people ask what's going on and buy $150 worth of merch. Becks: "Not only did we make up the money we lost for not doing the bonus opportunity, but that night was honestly the highlight of the tour for me." Nice one, dude. That rules.

SOULCRACKER has decided to visit what Beastie calls a "haven of good Christian ethics and values," a.k.a. a strip club. "SOULCRACKER doesn't take many breaks, but that was one of them." AP: "I'm gonna go look at boobies." "Boobies"? Come on, dude. I mean, really. Boobies? Jeez. ["Hee hee. 'Boobies.'" -- Wing Chun] "If heaven existed but God didn't live there, that's pretty much New Orleans." Whatever, dude. Obviously you've never been to Bob's Plumbing and Gift Shop in South Dakota.

FLICKERSTICK is talking shit in their room always getting the crappy clubs and that HARLOW "always has an explanation for why they didn't win this and why SOULCRACKER is winning." According to Brandin, HARLOW has been talking some shit about kicking ass. Rex: "Yeah, you kick our asses, and I'll show you how to play a minor chord." Bwa ha ha! That's hilarious. Dude, I love Rex. He's pulled out some good zingers in the past couple of episodes. Everyone has a good, hearty laugh, including yours truly.

Rayshele thinks that the key to the competition is to meet "that one fabulous person in each town. Here, we were fortunate enough to meet Laura [Amanda's flavor of the day]." True. Rebecca: "Oh, yeah, she's great!" Fair enough.

So, CRACK is playing their stupid balcony gig, and everyone's paying attention and crap, which makes me pissed. Sutton's and Ramsey's girlfriends show up, and they're both kind of cute. Sutton is "prepared to have a lot of fun the next few days." Good for him. While they play, a bunch of Rando Calrissians start flashing "boobies" for beads (a custom I'm not so sure I understand). They finish their set. I'm glad it's done.

HARLOW is getting wasted with Laura. All these guys keep hitting on Amanda and Laura, and they're not having it. They're totally into each other, which is actually kind of cute. They're having fun. Everyone starts saying that partying is a "way of life for HARLOW." Rayshele: "Me and Chimene [sic] go out every other night, if not every night." You should be proud. "Amanda can party to the state of oblivion." Yeah, like she's not there to begin with. Amanda: "I need a good night's sleep." Yes, you do that.

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