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FLICK's opening act, on the other hand, is the worst stand-up comic ever. Rex: "The unfunny comedian? The guy who decided to be a comedian fifteen minutes before he went on stage?" Yeah, that's the one. Seriously, this guy is terrible. He's telling Wal-Mart jokes, and as if his content weren't already shit, his delivery is totally rank. Rex: "He was like, 'Y'all know what's funny? I don't know either!'" True, Rex, true.

Over at HARLOW's show, there's one token drunk guy dancing in front for the cameras, and everyone else looks like they're trying to keep down lunch. But Amanda thinks it was "really electric in the room." Whatever.

FLICK is playing, and they sound really good, like they always do. They rock. Rex (who's very talkative today): "Our sound is lighter and this was definitely a hard-rock club. But we ended up having one of our best shows." Brandin and Fletcher relatives seem impressed. Nice.

Nobody's at Crack's gig. I don't care. They sound shitty. Beastie is totally extraneous, and he's a bad singer. Kelly, Sutton's girl, is "really proud of him. He's a great performer, and he's got such a great disposition, all the time." Okay.

At the after-party, Dominic and Beastie start getting ripped and emotional. Beastie confesses that he formed an unfair prejudgment about FLICK. Dominic: "When I met you guys, I really liked you." Beastie feels like shit now. Dominic: "It's make-up time, come on!" They hug. Aw. Okay, Beastie. You've got your caps back, but tell the rest of SOULCRACKER they'd better watch it. Beastie: "It was the first time I talked to him as I would have outside a competition." Aw. Dominic's the best. He's so easygoing, even though he looks like a brute. So, FLICK and CRACK get together and arm-wrestle. Yeah, you read me. This is the first time I've seen CRACK this wasted. They should do it more often 'cause they're much more interesting this way. Dominic overpowers Bob by a long shot, but Beastie wastes Cory. When he wins, he asks Cory whether he has a vagina. Tee hee! It's good to see them getting along, even though you know there's still raging tension underneath. I mean, arm-wrestling? Come on, now.

Time to find out how everyone did.

Ticket sales:
FLICK: $240
HARLOW: $516
CRACK: $205

FLICK: $232
HARLOW: $652
CRACK: $536

FLICK: $5854
HARLOW: $7176
CRACK: $7535

Rebecca and Fletcher come up with a scheme to overpower CRACK. Rebecca says that HARLOW will throw the battle of the bands if FLICK helps them get into first place. Interesting....

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