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Daryl is starting to go insane.

Aight, y'all. Hey, remember when JOSH DODES BAND only got one person at their gig? That was hilarious. For me. Sucks for them, though. Heh.

So, we're still in Cleveland, morning after gigs. Fletcher has a flower "for the winners," which Rebecca is totally either really psyched about or really freaked by, I can't tell. Becks: "I think the guys in FLICKERSTICK are really cool. They have great senses of humor and they're not so competitive. They just came to rock." You know, I totally agree. They are the least uptight band of all of them, and they definitely know how to live the life. Right on, Beck.

DODES is worrying about the van. Jo Jo is afraid they won't get to the next city in time to promote. Daryl says something stupid, because he's a jerk. In your face, Daryl! Heh.

So here are Brendon and Katina. Remember, HARLOW is in the lead, SOULCRACKER is second, FLICKERSTICK third, and DODES dead-ass last. So, Pittsburgh is next, and this time HARLOW and FLICK are playing together, as well as DODES with CRACKROCKER. HARLOW and WICKERBASKET are psyched, DODES and CRACKER not so much. Heh.

DODES is excited to play with SOULCRACKER because he has an "affinity" for them and he likes "their work ethic." Hmm. Okay. Ramsey: "Unfortunately we've been teamed with the group who got one person at their last show." True. Beastie thinks it's pretty funny. Shut up, Beastie. Outside, Bob mentions something about "separating the men from the boys." Bob, why is your entire band (except for Sutton, he's cool) such a bunch of Cocky McCock-cocks? "Men from the boys"? What is this, Top Gun? Chill, Bob. I'll tell you why you're bitter. Because you don't have any fun. Just because you've "done this before" doesn't make you any better at doing it VH-1 style. So shut it, beeotch.

So, HARLOW has a.k.a.'s for the other bands as well. They call DODES "JOSHUA TREE" and SOULCRACKER "SUGARSHACK." I think mine are better, but those are okay. Rayshele thinks "SUGARSHACK is really competitive." Word, Shelly. Amanda thinks they're bitter because they haven't won yet. Word, Mandy.

Beastie wants to get first place. You never will, Beastie. Not if I have anything to do with it.

DODES now has some ultra-budget replacement door on their van that doesn't even match the rest of the car. It's bright white and makes it look ridiculous. "It's starting to look like a New York band van more and more." Like, ha ha, Daryl. I mean, shut up, Daryl.

Cory talks about his girlfriend as we see him talking to her. "I don't really know where my feelings are." What? Could you be a little more vague, there, guy? That quote could have been pulled out of nowhere. He could be talking about the death penalty. Whatever.

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