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Daryl is starting to go insane.

Back at the DODES camp, Maiya is getting a back massage from some random guy who knows some German technique. Daryl thinks he sees the guy touch Maiya's ass and he totally freaks like a madman. He starts spouting all this angry, Afro-centric psychobabble which makes him seem even more ignorant than I originally thought. Jo Jo tells him he's being stupid, and Daryl actually says, "You're not black, you don't understand." Maybe he doesn't understand being black, but that is not at all what you're really mad at, man. I don't even know why you're so mad. You're just a dick, I guess. "As a black woman, you are a queen, descendant of queens." Enough, Daryl, really. You're just pissed 'cause some dude had his paws all over Maiya, whom you secretly want to bone. It's so obvious. So shut up already, you jerk. God. "You don't understand our history, you don't understand what we've been through." Oh my frigging God. I now hate Daryl forever. There will be no redemption for him.

I don't care whether she's born with it or if it is Maybelline, she is always welcome at my house.

Show day. Merchandise sales look like dis:
FLICK -- $1054
HARLOW -- $90 (ouch, again)
DODES -- $831
CRACKHEAD -- $241 (suck)

FLICKERSTICK is hurting. It's eight in the morning and they were out until 7:55. They want more sleep, but they have to go to the boat for their bonus. The boat is totally tiny, so they decide to just set up a PA system and blast their CD while Rex plays mime guitar. Now that's promotion, folks! "Getting up at eight in the morning is not high up on the FLICKERSTICK list of things to do." Thanks, Cory, that totally wasn't obvious. Minus the "wasn't" part. Fletcher: "I don't think we really knew how to react to a bunch of sport fans. I felt like a dipshit." Yeah, dude. That sucks. It looks like the whole stadium dealy wasn't so sweet. Oh, well.

A.P. thinks SOULCRACKER's hard work is really gonna pay off. Yeah, right.

HARLOW hates Pittsburgh. They're really offended about the whole "boobies" thing. Chimene: "I just don't like being pimped to people who don't appreciate me." I think it's more, though. I think HARLOW's just really upset that FLICKERSTICK isn't trying to "form an alliance" with them, and they can't ride on FLICK's coattails. Sucks for them.

Okay, so DODES is playing a little scummy now. They want to play first so that they can sell merchandise while SOULCRACKER is playing. I would get pissed, but they're doing it to SOULCRACKER, so I say good.

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Bands on the Run




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