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Daryl is starting to go insane.

HARLOW and FLICKERSTICK feel highly unprepared and underhyped for their shows. Too bad.

Jo Jo gets a drum solo. He's pretty damn good, I gotta say. Bob from CRACK thinks so, too.

HARLOW plays. Whatever. Fletcher says, "Their music gives me chills." Like, the kind you get before you hurl? Me too! Rebecca: "Pittsburgh is like kryptonite to HARLOW. It's made us weak and useless." No comment. Actually, they do sound better, but not good yet.

SOULCRACKER is totally out of their element. Josh Dodes thinks that "they do what they do amazingly well." Try convincing everyone else there of that. I think they would beg to differ. As would I.

Both HARLOW and FLICKYFLICK are disappointed with their turnout, but FLICKERSTICK still rocks like they always do. They always look really excited and happy to be playing, and they all have really good stage presence. They're the best band, I think. And they have a decent number of people there, including Cory's new girlfriend (yeah, Cory, you love her).

Heh, Snapple.

Okay, so get this. Ticket sale totals (split in half this time because of the double shows):
FLICK -- $375
HARLOW -- $375
DODES -- $612
CRACK -- $612

Merchandise sales:
FLICK -- $1175
HARLOW -- $400
DODES -- $1281
CRACK -- $597

FLICK also got $150 for the bonus opportunity.

Grand totals:
FLICK -- $3331
HARLOW -- $3007
DODES -- $3067
CRACK -- $2990

Okay, so FLICKERSTICK has pulled yet another win from its collective butt. And they're psyched. Beastie has a problem with Rex, and therefore I have a problem with Beastie. "I don't need a bunch of cute one-liners. This is serious stuff." Beastie, I swear. You suck. Put a lid on it, buttlock. You know what I like about FLICKERSTICK? They at least have a sense of humor about the whole thing. They think it's totally hilarious that they're winning, and they just wish everyone else would find it as funny. Then again, everyone else is losing, so…

SOULCRACKER is pissed. "We here at SOULCRACKER INCORPORATED are not tired. We won't get tired." Yeah, Beastie, but you will get kicked off the show. Have fun with that.

In DODES's van, some random guy is in the van and asks for a ride home, even though he has no clue where he is. Daryl tries to fight him. Whatever. So stupid. Why is Daryl like that? He's always trying to be all honorable and crap, but it's so transparent. What a fartsucker. "My loyalty is to y'all. Any other motherfucker doesn't count for shit." Daryl, calm down. Nobody's impressed. Just shut up and drive the stupid van.

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Bands on the Run




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