Bands on the Run

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Daryl is starting to go insane.

We're back with FLICKERSTICK, where Sutton is chilling. He looks so at home. He should defect from CRACKERTHWACK and join FLICKERSTICK, even if he just runs the board or something. Sutton's band does not live up to Sutton, and it's not fair, I tells ya.

Anyway, Cory's really feeling this girl (whose name we don't know yet). "I'm not married, and I think I owe it to myself to see if something could really happen." All righty. Not sure your girlfriend back home would agree, but that about wraps it up.

Next week…FLICKERSTICK gets into some pretty nasty bickering, and everyone gets really pissed at CRACKCRACKER for using mega-scummy tactics and undercutting everyone's gig. Those bastards! Stay tuned…

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Bands on the Run




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