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Cory, how about some final words before commercial? "If [Dominic's] penis isn't happy, he isn't happy, and none of us are happy. Period." That about wraps it up for me. For now. Sob.

Hot Pockets look like butt-logs in a blanket.

Back to San Francisco. It's Wednesday, two days from show day. SOULCRACKER have been up since 7 AM plastering the town with flyers, stickers, and whatnot. Beastie thinks that "there is a tremendous amount of work to be done." This is true. Sutton: "I guess we just have our shit together." This is also true, because…

HARLOW has just gotten up, and it's probably about 3:30 PM. Chimene seems to think that "things take a whole lot longer being in a female band." In this case, she's totally right. They're all just screwing around and cracking (not such great) jokes. Amanda: "We need to find some way to get on the radio or on the TV or something to just make it really fucking easy so we can just party." Okay. Whatever. There is something really scary about her. Anyhow, somehow Rebecca lands them an interview at some local radio station. How do these things work out for these people? Damn.

Anyhow, back to STICKERFLICKNOT, where Dominic is talking to their manager on a payphone. Apparently, Cory's dad has died. Cut to Rex, who, as usual, has some beef: "Dominic is tactful like an atom bomb." Yeah, Rex, and you complain like a two-year-old with a bellyache, so shut your trap. Rex is a little angry with Dom for telling the whole band about the death of Cory's death except Cory. I dunno, I think I would have done the same thing. The band has a lot of work to do, and this news would kinda kill morale. ["But if everyone in the band knows except the guy whose dad actually, you know, died, that sucks. They should have told him. He'd have sucked it up." -- Sars] But Rex has to bitch. It's his nature. Brandin thinks it sucks, too. Cut to a shot of Cory and the guys talking to a record-store owner, and Cory mentions his father. Everyone cringes. Ooof. That hurts.

Rebecca: "We're definitely going to win. We're gonna kick their asses." Whatever, HAR-DEE-HAR-HARLOW. You want to promote at a department store and a library? Rayshele: "There are a lot of ideas. Some ideas are a little too far out for me." Rayshele's kinda cool. Yes, I think it's fair to say I liked Rayshele right from the start. Anyway, HARLOW seems to be getting nowhere fast. Chimene: "We never get anything done. Ever." No shit.

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