Bands on the Run
The Reunion Show

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Best. Reunion Show. Ever.

The video kind of runs backwards. A coffeepot boils over, but in reverse. Brandin sings that he's "going to try and slip inside the mind of a clown, thinking I can turn their smile into a frown." He looks just like Elliot Smith, and sings as sweetly. Kristy reads the letter, cries, and grabs the "flesh" on her "thigh" in her fist. She knocks over a glass of OJ in reverse. The band rocks the hell out. It's short and sweet. They could be stars.

Bloopers! SOULCRACKER make a pretend kung fu movie, and scream and strike poses. Corey and Rayshele steal a Santa Claus doll from a hotel lobby. Rebecca makes out with an Elvis lamp. Security comes searching for the Santa. "What would make you want to grab Santa?" "I don't know what would make me grab Santa." Some pratfall footage of Sutton and Adrian follows, and then Ramsey pushes A.P. down the hall on a luggage cart. Wipeout! Then the show ends. No! It was perfect. Sniff.

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Bands on the Run




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