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A Most Stormy Life

Remo: "Ugh, see that one with the guitar? Leave him. He sucks worse than is worth it."
Dylan: "I think we can leave those decisions up to Human Resources, Remo."
Remo: "You seriously have no idea how much this guy sucks, but whatever. Fuck it."

Dylan: "Dylan Texas, you are crushing this management thing. Well done, sir."


Norman: "You are so good at sticking pins in my dog's eyeholes to hold in the glass eyes!"
Will: "I gave it up for a while, Emma's mom didn't like it. Or me. Or our sick daughter. But after she ditched us, I got back into it real hardcore."
Norman: "Sorry about your, um, entire life."
Will: "I left it back in Manchester, where all hugely depressing lives belong! I got my daughter and we flew away. Just like when your mom bought that motel, am I right? No consequences!"


Because she has not done nearly enough to endanger herself this week, Norma thinks the sensible thing to do would be to follow Jake to wherever his sketchy ass wants to go. Norma, are you trained in the subtle evasive arts? I didn't think so. I'm guessing a professional sex murderer knows when he's being tailed.

He leads her to the Seafairer and she watches from the shadows as he looks all over for any misplaced or unlabeled teen sex slaves, but it comes up snake-eyes. So he's in even more of a terrible mood than his usual hulking menace mood when he finally catches Norma in the act of catching him in the act.

Jake: "Norma, this is not a situation that requires concierge service. What is up?"
Norma: "What's up is, what is up? Why are you all up in my business?"
Jake: "You know exactly what is up, you know I'm a sex murderer and a slave trader and uh, you were fucking Zach Shelby, and you totally killed Keith Summers. I know everything!"
Norma: "I have no idea what any of those words mean."
Jake: "Listen, Keith Summers was an idiot. But he was also on the bottom rung. And I am on the top rung, okay? Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Norma: "Nope, I still don't understand words!"
Jake: "Norma, I am going to kill you. Just kill the shit out of you."
Norma: "Is that code for something? Do you have enough little soaps?"
Jake: "Okay, when you stop doing whatever this is -- which it's weirding me out, so good job there -- you come by my motel room, okay? You remember what number it is?"

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Bates Motel




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