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A Most Stormy Life


Vancouver Bingo! The therapist was Cyrus Xander, Eric Stoltz's science business partner guy. I remember I really liked him and he was always right about everything, but then something happened. I don't remember what. Probably something to do with robots, I'm guessing.

Cyrus Xander: "Tell me a little bit about losing your father?"
Norman: "He died. We moved."
Norma: "It was devastating! But we moved, and we moved on, and we are reinventing ourselves! As a woman who has overcome a lot in her life!"
Cyrus: "Did you know that this is Norman's therapy?"
Norma: "What. What'd I say?"
Cyrus: "Your words, coming out of your mouth. In his session."
Norma: "Not sure what you're suggesting..."
Cyrus: "Norman specifically, how did it feel to move here?"
Norma: "Oh my God, it was so sad!"
Cyrus: "Norma..."
Norma: "For him! We're talking about him, right? Therapy is great, this is really helping. Him."


Guitar guy SUCKS. Dylan cannot take it, Remo cannot take it. Guitar guy feels them getting angrier and angrier and starts pulling this Norma Rae shit about how they need to be treated better and where is their Taco Bell and shit, and finally Dylan just tells Remo to pull over.

Dylan: "Get the fuck out of the van."
Guitar: "Why, so I can watch you piss?"
Dylan: "Ugh! Why are you like this?"
Guitar: "We are the 99 percent!"
Dylan: "I will shoot you in the motherfucking head. Okay?"
Guitar: "Fine. Taco Bell can wait."
Dylan: "No, Blood's a rover. I am going to shoot you execution style."

Eventually he does not actually shoot Guitar Guy execution style -- but he sure as hell leaves him on the side of the road with his guitar, after gracefully slamming the doors closed with his broken arm while he leaves the gun trained on him with the other one. Even Remo is like, That was a little bit amazing. I like it when people appreciate Dylan, even when it's because he's being naughty.


Cyrus: "Well, that was a fucking waste of time. See you next week? Alone?"
Norma: "We'll see. I figure just coming here was us doing the universe a favor."
Cyrus: "Can I speak to you privately? Norman, there's a desk chair out there you can spin around in, if you want to be the cutest thing that ever happened some more."

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