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A Most Stormy Life

Cyrus: "Lady, you are killing me. What is the deal?"
Norma: "Well I'm certainly not about to let you do your job. What kind of mother would I be if I let you help my fragile, damaged son find peace?"
Cyrus: "Have you ever been in therapy?"
Norma: "What the fuck do you think? Look at me."
Cyrus: "I think you should be in like a thousand hours of therapy a week."
Norma: "Why on Earth would you think that?"

Cyrus: "Look, to me it seems like this is about controlling your son and his entire world."
Norma: "It's partly that, but I also have actual reasons for ruining this experiment in mental health."
Cyrus: "You know, sometimes people -- not you, just people -- have to control everything they can because inside they feel totally out of control."
Norma: "Yeah those people sound really sick, doc."
Cyrus: "You don't ever feel that way? Not even like just a little bit?"

"I feel completely in control of everything in my life. How dare you make these stupid assumptions about me? You don't know anything about me. I work hard, I take care of my son, I know what's right and what's wrong for him. No one pushes me around! I control my own life! I'm in total control of my own life! I have a lot going on! I have a lot to deal with! But I do not feel powerless! EVER!"

Cyrus: "...Holy shit."
Norma: "Get your panties, Norman, we're blowin' this popstand!"

Of course Norman immediately wants a performance evaluation, like, he just sat there quietly in the best possible way he could, and the amazing beautiful manic smile she flashes at him -- "You were PERFECT!" -- is so incredible that you somehow feel like oxygen has returned to the atmosphere. Because in a way it has. She said what she needed to say, and effectively and decisively has ended treatment. Definitely for the Bateses, but possibly the entire profession.


Jake: "Why Mrs. Bates, welcome! I'd offer you a drink, but this is a shitty motel."
Norma: "Take your cash and get out. Momma's on a roll, motherfucker."

She throws the money at him like a common street whore, and all of a sudden he grows about three feet and darkens the sky and it is just awful.

Jake: "I know you did not just throw money at me."
Norma: "I still don't know anything or who you are or what a sex murder club is, but we do not have future business! This relationship is severed!"

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Bates Motel




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