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The Possum Symphony
Dylan: "I am moving out, Norma. And not even you could be so Norma Bates as to ask me why..."
Norma: "-- Why? Why on Earth? Why do you have to move? What's that gonna prove?"
Dylan: "You made the mess, live with it. I am the wreckage."
Norma: "Blame the victim, why don't ya. What the hell did he tell you?"
Dylan: "Well, he says it wasn't like you said it was -- whatever that means -- and that Mr. Massett was really my father anyway."
Norma: "Do you think I would tell him that he got me pregnant? Why would he need to know any of that story? What makes you think I'd ever tell anyone?"

Then comes the real question: Why do I exist? Why did you have me? That one, she can't answer.

Cody checks in again with Norman when she drops him off -- he's a skittish, sensitive, confusing boy; she maybe fucked the whole thing up, pushing -- and while he says he's fine, he slams the door and doesn't look back.

On the threshold of the foyer, Norman hangs back, listening to the story once again. The story of a mother made from wire and wood.

Norma: "What do you mean? What's your theory, about why I kept you?"
Dylan: "Fine. You used me, to get out. You get knocked up by your brother, and use me to get your boyfriend to marry you. You made my dad think he was my dad. You brought me into this world, an abomination that should not exist, because it was useful to you. I am the consequence."
Norma: "Dylan, better men than you have tried to explain what a narcissist I am, there will be no effect going that route. Just listen. I was a little girl, with nobody to protect me. My father scared the crap out of me, my mother was sedated all the time -- those parts were true -- and my brother would not leave me alone. I had to get away."

"I had no voice, to tell him not to do it. I had no power to stop him."

Norma: "None of this is your fault. But it's not my fault either. I was a child, I was way younger than your brother is now!"

He's getting older all the time.

Dylan tries to flee, and she puts herself between him and the world; only raising his man's voice can move her. And then he's gone. And around the corner, Norman waits, and thinks, and then stops thinking. Norma runs out onto the porch in her bare feet, a Sirk vision in the middle of the night, sobbing. But she doesn't call him back.

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Bates Motel




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