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Norma: "What happened here?"
Norman: "Emma found him. He is broken."
Norma: "Mmkay, you guys go mind the office and I'll hover awkwardly over his body trying to figure out my entire life."
Emma: "Shouldn't somebody stay with..."
Norma: "Why are you here at seven AM?"
Emma: "Work ethic?"
Norma: "Sure, I'll take it."

She floats over him, like magnets repelling; she wants to touch him and she wants nothing less in this world than to touch him. He is beautiful, this person that should not exist. He's not the one with the broken genes, or the broken mind; he's not the one that's tainted. So why can't she touch him? She awkwardly pulls the duvet up around him and, saddest and sweetest of all, tucks the covers around his body, swaddling him tight.

Norman: "Mother? Mother? Mother? Should we do something?"
Norma: "Like what, Norman? Build a time machine to before my awful life?"
Norman: "I was thinking hugs? Hugs usually do it."
Norma: "I know what I need to do. I need to drive across town to the Kings' motel where your uncle is staying, and I need to have a good old-fashioned Norma Bates freakout. If I turn it up to eleven he might skip town on foot."
Norman: "Mother? Mother? Mother? I am worried for your safety, emotionally. Also how does any of this help Dylan get over being a secret incest baby?"
Norma: "That's either going to happen or it's not, Norman. This is about me, feeling weird. Stay with your brother-cousin."

She makes it all the way across town and to the parking lot before she breaks the hell down, full-on panic attack, and then swings her old whip back onto the road with some of that erratic Norma Bates driving magic we've missed so much.

I don't really know what happened. I wonder if we'll ever know what happened. Caleb has a capacity for darkness and for violence; he has a capability to forget matched only by his sister's, and her son's. But I do know there is only so much freaking out inside of Norma Bates to go around. It's a near-infinite amount I will grant you, but without anybody looking you can see on her face that this isn't about anger: This really is about fear.

I didn't think about it last week, but that scene when she walks into the kitchen and sees Caleb there, and throws down, it isn't just about wanting Caleb gone, it's about wanting Caleb out of the same room as Dylan. Not protecting him, necessarily or entirely, just keeping the whole story from all being true at the same time. She doesn't want Caleb in Dylan's life because she doesn't want Caleb in her life, and having both of them at the same time is like...

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Bates Motel




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