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The Possum Symphony
Caleb: "This is like some dysfunctional game of Telephone. She married a guy in high school, she got knocked up, that's your dad."

Still not denying it, any single part of it, exactly. Mr. Massett was Dylan's dad, but was he his father? Caleb hands over the cash from last night, and backs away: "Whatever is going on here, I clearly should not have come to White Pine Bay."

Town motto.


Norman quietly, not to say stealthily, watches Norma make a sandwich with a seriously huge knife. When the phone rings, he answers it immediately; she waves the knife around like she does, protesting, but finally takes the call. She shakes the fear and rage and nausea off like a dog, and smiles into the receiver.

Christine: "You were the hit of the party, my brother couldn't stop talking about you, he tried to do your Grand Canyon imitation and almost fell into the pool..."
Norma: "I am going down in flames."
Christine: "Peter called in a favor and got us a table at the Greene Tavern, aka probably the best restaurant in Oregon, multiple courses, wine pairings, the whole thing..."
Norma: "For real, I can't do it. No matter how much I love the obsessive attention you provide, I am not up to living life today. I managed to take a thing that was irretrievably broken, and break it. The walls are closing in. There's this weird mosquito sound..."

Later, Norman sits on the bed, where she is strewn like driftwood, staring into the mirror.

"You know, you could have told me. I get why you didn't tell Dylan, because look what happened, but you could have told me. You can always tell me everything. You have to tell me everything."

They lie side by side in the bed, looking up at the ceiling like two halves of something.

Norma: "Well, now you know everything I guess."
Norman: "There's nothing else? No interesting information about me losing time and killing various people, for instance?"
Norma: "Not to change the subject -- and I'm not -- but I went over there to make him leave, and tell him I remember everything, and that I wasn't scared anymore... But I couldn't."
Norman: "A thing you couldn't do, Mother? What a terrible thought!"
Norma: "Yeah, like it could bring the whole sky down."

He wraps himself around her, laying his cheek alongside hers. Their arms and hands make pretzels, octopods. He smiles sleepily, like a baby at the breast.

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