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When you say you're going to do something, you have to do it. You are a champion.


He watches with one eye, hidden by the door, as his mother dresses.

Norma: "Zip me? Christine invited me, some get-together with her and her brother, I'd rather shoot myself."

He puts his arms around her shoulders like the man of the house, like Christine, and offers counsel: That taking her mind off these things for a few hours, dinner with a sensible gal-pal, could be just the ticket. Get those knots out. He'd maybe get stuck on the George part, too, if she hadn't so skillfully mentioned how suicidally repulsive he is, as a concept.

Dylan's up the stairs before they catch him out: Standing in the exact same place he held his mother's hands up over her head, that terrible night, and forced her to be still.

Norma: "Dylan? We should talk?"
Dylan: "About what, Norma."
Norma: "Don't make this harder on me than it already..."
Dylan: "Yeah. I'm such a dick."

They recoil as a team; as a team they peer at him, owlishly.

"What do you both want from me? A time machine, a magic wand? That works in Norma world, that works in the house on the hill, but not anywhere real. Those of us in the concrete world abide by consequence. You are looking at one, Norma. I am a consequence."

Norma: "You're not just a consequence. You need to be strong, you need to put this behind you..."
Dylan: "I can't... It's me. We're talking about me. How can I put me behind me?"
Norma: "I do it all the time. He's just a piece of information. He's a bad person, here to do bad things. To steal your precious money and work an angle."
Dylan: "Really? Because he handed this right over the second I told him your story."
Norma: "You saw him? What else did he say?"
Dylan: "Don't be gross, Norma. Just forget it, I can't talk to you about him. You can't both exist in the same story at the same time. It makes me feel like a Picasso, ripping in half."

When the doorbell rings, Norman answers it. His face drops just as coldly as his mother's.

Norman: "Hello there."
George: "You must be Norman."
Norman: "And what the fuck is actually going on here?"
George: "Norma, you look fantastic! Wow!"

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Bates Motel




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