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The Cord of Communion

I'm not a doctor and if I were I wouldn't be caught diagnosing TV characters, but I will say this also: There is no marriage stronger or more toxic, than a borderline and a narcissist. None. And that's because those are the two strongest survival strategies we have, that just happen to perfectly feed each other's highs and lows. (Barbie the cokehead and Ken the investment banker: Borderline, narcissist.) They are weaponized crazy, both of them, and they are damn good at keeping you alive and in one piece. But the second you're not actually surviving, they'll move right in. Take over your whole house. We aren't born manipulative, we're beaten there.

"Norman, I'm sorry. I'm sorry this dirtbag raped me. But here you are and here I am. And he's not gonna win this one. So you go wash up a little, toss your bloody clothes and get your shit together."


They bustle the body down the hill to the motel. Just for the night, he can damn well stay outside their home.

Norman: "Are you positive we shouldn't call somebody for help?"
Norma: "No one is ever going to help us. No one has ever helped us."

It's awkward -- beautifully so, all the way through the episode; like you can just imagine the bruises the actors got bumping around all the time -- but they get him into a bathtub. At one point Norman drops his end and even more blood -- "How can there still be more blood?" -- stumps out onto the carpet. As they're hoisting him over, she goes in with him: For a second, she's stuck under Keith Summers. But when she gets out, tripping on the sheets, she flips them back onto him with just her foot.

Norman: "Mom, what are gonna do?"
Norma: "We're gonna clean up that bloodstain, man."

But when she turns on the light, it's an absurd amount of blood soaked through, so, new plan: They tear up the carpets, not just here but in all the rooms with carpet that matches. She talks it out, to herself, hilariously conversational:

"So that way, this creep goes missing, anyone comes, starts asking us questions, you know, nothing will be out of the ordinary here, we're just... we're just doing some renovations, you know? We're just, like, recarpeting."


She's shoving rolls of carpet into a truck, one-handed with her injury, when the Sheriff drives up. Inside, Norman throws himself to the floor, having just found a very scary manga full of torture porn we don't really get a look at, beyond one picture of a girl in the shower.

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