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The Cord of Communion

Something bad, probably multiple somethings, really happen. Dylan, for starters, and of course Norma's gotta work Plan Shelby, so that'll be a relief. But hopefully we'll get to know the school kids better, before the cops come back about Summers. It won't be long -- he represented this evil town's reaction to their presence and it didn't die just because he did -- but I'd like to see the motel up and running, so they have something at stake. I'm trying to avoid spoilers because clearly this is going to be a shitstorm. But there's one thing I am really intensely curious about:


At this moment of his smile at the window, as she's saying those last words, somewhere -- who knows where, maybe in a basement or an attic somewhere, maybe right in this room -- a fluorescent light, just as lovely and just as pale, flickers on. It shines on a girl, chained to the floor. A man wraps rubber around her arm and pulls out a needle. Her T-shirt barely covers her. She rouses, shivering. One eye opens to the cold, concrete world.

One way to answer the next question is: If she doesn't know whether she's real anymore, how are we supposed to say?

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