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Norma: "-- So this has been great but I have to go now."
Kurata: "There it is."
Norma: "Yep! Thanks for adding PTSD to my already very busy crazy-going schedule."


Miss Watson is having a knockdown drag-out with a stalker named Eric, on the phone. You think it's setting up some kind of sex-for-murder scenario -- proving once again that Miss Watson's instincts are pretty stellar in the victim department -- but really it just seems like a way to get Norman off the hook (and of course onto another hook) next season.

Miss Watson: "Why Norman Bates, were you listening to that? I'm so vulnerable! Men, I tell ya. They will control you and hurt you and chain you up in bathrooms and steal your carpet samples... I mean, you have to put up with so much..."
Norman: "Heard it. Listen, I don't want to publish my story about how I'm a serial killer, okay?"
Miss Watson: "Is this about your mom again? Didn't my boobs already explain that?"
Norman: "It's more about how I feel actually crazy, but yeah. She factors in."
Miss Watson: "Guess this means that we have a secret now, huh? You'll keep it for me, won't you?"
Norman: "Yeah, I won't tell anybody about your abusive boyfriend, and you don't tell anybody I wrote a story. That sounds like a solid foundation for you molesting me."


Looks rough. Not horrible, just... very White Pine Bay. Very "my alcoholic brother pissed away our motel money on Chinese sex slaves and heroin and constant raping."

Maggie: "Why Sherriff, I haven't seen you since we buried just my brother's hand."
Romero: "Lovely service. Maggie, you look rougher than usual. Somebody beat you up?"
Maggie: "I don't know. I am crazy high."
Romero: "Okay, well how about some real talk. I know you did the bookkeeping for your brother and Shelby's little business -- importing girls from Asia and selling them -- and in fact, I've got all your paperwork. So we good?"
Maggie: "Consider me present for this conversation, yes. That was good real talk."

Romero: "So presumably Jake Abernathy did this to you?"
Maggie: "Well, I know him as Joe Fioretti. He wanted some money or something, and I clearly don't have it, so..."
Romero: "And how would I get in touch with him?"
Maggie: "He'd call us, I don't know how to find him. But get this, Alex! He totally has four other ports running the same scam, up and down the coast."

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Bates Motel




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