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Emma summons Norman to her family's shop -- and, one presumes, his future place of employ -- for something important. She's amazed by the state of his little face, but he distracts her handily with family questions until she can't stand it anymore. Because dead things don't interest her; because the only thing worse than living with death is thinking about what happens next; because she has something much more vital to tell.

Emma: "Sit! I'm going to tell you a real story about real, living things."

Turns out she's been translating his porn, because we live in the future and you can do that now, and the story is terribly sad: Four Chinese girls get tricked into slavery in America and end up prostitutes. One of them is bound and beaten, eventually OD's, and the other girls are made to bury her in the woods. One by one, they're sold off into other sex slave rings. Based on a picture of a mountain, Emma has determined that they can find this grave and prove the whole story.

Norman: "This is all a little peculiar."
Emma: "What's peculiar is a seventeen-year-old boy using the word peculiar."

She kisses him, and he goes still. After a moment, looking at his face, she grins. "You in?"

He's in.

She's in, too. Maybe more than he understands, because in a way this is her story. She's not a sex slave or a drug mule or anything like that, but she is going to die without ever having seen the world. She sees these girls and she wants them to be real, because nobody will ever tell you a real story about real, dying girls. Nobody will ever tell their story, either, except for Emma. Emma and Norman and this strange, awful book. She reads the story and she wants to know them; she wants to save them. She sees these girls and she thinks, "That's exactly how I feel."


Dylan puts on "This Guy's In Love With You," keeping the vinyl theme inside the house. The song gets to its most operatic heights when he complains -- as if it's killing him -- just how much he needs her love. Looking at pictures of Norma, holding a baby; the world full of Norman: "We know each other very well..."

Norma: "The fuck, it's the middle of the night! Turn down that Bacharach!"
Dylan: "Take it easy, skirt."
Norma: "You fucked up Norman's face and you need to leave. You're toxic. Out by morning."
Dylan: "How did Sam die, Norma? You made it so hard to find you, I ended up doing a lot more research than I should have. The other insurance guys told me all about what a great husband and father he was and I thought, it would be pretty interesting to tell them how great a husband and father he really was. How well you guys really got along and all."

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Bates Motel




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