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Past The Breakers

Norma: "It doesn't mean anything. It's not a real date. It's for us. It's for us, here."
Norman: "It's a community event? Then I'm coming."
Norma: "You aren't. And you know you aren't."

She kisses him goodbye. I like it when she tells him things he already knows; it's part of the game but it's also like, there are a million things going on under the surface of that lake, he knows everything he could know, so she's not just telling him what to think: She's taking one possible thing and making it concrete. Her words, in his head:

"You are not coming and inside yourself you have known that since the conversation started, making your performance of wanting to come both flattering and futile. Now, isn't that right?"


Dylan's crying friend brings him to work, the better to indoctrinate him into the corrupt underbelly of large-vessel maintenance. It happens incredibly quickly: The guy (another Battlestar alum, and trust me I wish I could stop doing that, too) barely has his sawdust mask off his face before he asks whether Dylan can handle a gun. A gun! This place!


Dylan: "What's for dinner, Honey?"
Norman: "Shut up and nothing."

They way they clash around the kitchen, her kitchen, presages violence long before it comes. Norman is fussily offended by the name that pops up when Norma calls Dylan's phone: "Apparently The Whore is calling you?" He answers brightly, calling her by name, and Norman immediately attacks. They fight, discussing the Whore as they toss each other around the room.

Dylan: "Norman, you do not seem to understand that she is ruining you."
Norman: "True or not, why are you here? You really are messing up everything. It's just like she..."
Dylan: "I am not here to mess anything up. I am here because I have no options. But rest assured, if you come at me again I will destroy you."

It comes fast, and slow. You see him think it out, you see him try not to give in, but when it does it comes fast. Sometimes I get overcharged/ That's when you see sparks. He needs a rival. Has he noticed, do you think, just how much the Deputy looks like Dylan?

Did She who made the Lamb make thee? Norman comes at him again -- already near tears -- this time with a giant hammer; Dylan ducks out of the way just in time and he carries through all the way into a plate cabinet, shattering glass and ceramics everywhere before Dylan puts him down again.

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