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Norma: "I am done being mad at you! But I am not going to apologize!"
Norman: "Life can be beautiful. It's like a beautiful miracle..."
Norma: "Well, more like a beautiful deputy, but..."
Norman: "Aw, fuck. For real? For this one he gets in the backdoor, I bet."
Norma: "Let's not get lost in details, Norman."

Norman stomps the fuck out, because now the whole iceberg is closing up tighter around them all, the sex and the girl nobody believes in but him. So when Emma pulls up, as just the right moment once again, he hops in with barely a word: "Take me somewhere. I want to get out of here." No matter what Emma has to tell him, what she's discovered, in that moment -- maybe this is just me -- but in that moment he sounds classically like a girl in trouble, bad date or mean dad trouble: "Just get me out of here."

Which made me wonder if that isn't also Emma's role. Dylan is the king, not the savior prince: He knows what the world looks like from high above and won't be listened to no matter how clearly he explains it. And in the show's violent reversals, Norman's the princess, the Rapunzel, with Norma's whole story written in his big blue eyes. And then you have Emma, ridin' up on her horse. I don't know, I think there's a lot to this Rapunzel thing, come to think of it. Emma and Bradley both just keep climbing that wall.


He doesn't want to talk about it, of course, so she lets him flip out and finally he changes the subject to Jiao.

Emma: "You're in upheaval, I thought it would be rude to just launch..."
Norman: "Girl. Go."
Emma: "Heh, okay. I was like, Okay if I had an Asian sex slave, where would I hide her? Right? And then so I was wondering if Summers had a cabin somewhere maybe or a lake house, but Google said no. But then wouldn't Shelby know about-slash-be involved with the business Summers was running out of the motel? And now that Summers is dead... why do you keep checking your phone?"
Norman: "Emma, I need to tell you that I am with Bradley now."
Emma: "Not to see desperate or anything, but no you aren't. You hooked up, yes?"
Norman: "I think possibly we are in love. Despite her telling me directly and in no uncertain terms that she was purely using me as a physical distraction from her crippling grief."

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Bates Motel




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