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Emma: "Oh right, I forgot about that guy. Anyway, about these sex slaves..."
Norman: "-- Shut up, I found it. I found it!"
Emma: "Let me give you a ride to the bail bondsman, my rude little princess."


Dylan: "Major drug distributors are all about cash advances on your second week of work, right?"
Ethan: "No, but if they did how much would you want? Just curious."
Dylan: "I would say five grand, all told. My mother is melting down and taking all of us with her, and I thought this would be a convenient time to kidnap her son. Never mind."
Ethan: "I don't want to end up crying in a strip club about your family dynamic."


Shelby: "So hi..."
Norma: "GTFO."
Shelby: "At least eat your jail food."
Norma: "Fuck your jail food."
Shelby: "Funny how all the men you're taking this out on are the ones you let into your life in the first place because they don't qualify as men to you."
Norma: "I have circled my one wagon."
Shelby: "Rock on, Antigone."


Norman: "Thank you for driving, now you can get lost."
Emma: "A true friend sticks it through to the end, Norman. If you can't count on your child friends to help you bail your grown-ass mother out of jail for murder..."
Norman: "I guess the bail bondsman's 24/7 sign is a lie, because he's not here. So more of a 23.75/7."
Emma: "Then I'll hang around and wait to pounce on your face with a hundred kisses."
Norman: "Just don't get curious about all this, okay?"
Emma: "Norman, I have something to say. I am very curious about all this."

Norman: "Instead, here's a shiny object called a sex slave conversation. Update, I found her in a cop's basement."
Emma: "A police conspiracy! We gotta blow the roof off this shit, my friend..."
Norman: "-- Instead, we will not. And I can't tell you why. And when you ask me questions about it, it makes me uncomfortable."
Emma: "Sorry about that, lady, but you just told me a cop has a sex slave in his basement. That is very interesting."
Norman: "Stay frosty, Sodapop. Jiao's been downgraded to second-most important prisoner of the cops for today."

Emma: "But so how did you find this out?"

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Bates Motel




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